My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Typhoid Mary was a song years ago as was the disease. I don’t think the song will rebound; but, the disease is trying to make a “come back”. And, with the help of the “liberal bastages” in this country, it might just raise it’s ugly head again. Now for all those with your head up the dark passage, called your ass, because of the squalor in California, LA/San Fran, the disease has been discovered in the homeless neighbor hoods. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that the waste attracts rats and the rats carry the disease. If we are not careful, it and other diseases will spread like “wild fire” across this country.

We have seen this movie before many, many years ago. It was during a time before we had the sanitary conditions which we enjoy now. But, alas, that is changing as we have homeless camps lining the streets of many cities. These people are drug addicts and mentally ill persons and the streets are lined in their waste. Now we are importing “illegals” from Africa who possibly have all sorts of diseases and they are joining the homeless as there is not enough housing to accommodate them all. They, in many cases, do not speak “English” so they cannot find work. If they can’t speak to a customer, how can any employer hire them? Again, up pops this thing called “COMMON SENSE”.  If you can’t  help my customers then how the hell can I hire you or “why would I”? We need people who can get to work and support themselves and their families and that have been screened for diseases. You wouldn’t take your pets to a place that they might contract a disease (by the way have you checked into where Chagas, which affects your pets, originated?); but, yet, you’ll send your children to school with “illegals” who have had no screening. Again, this “COMMON SENSE” thing.

We, in this country, have allowed the “liberal bastages” to take control of most of our services thru government control; and, it is having dire consequences. Our “founding fathers” were a Christian group and studied the “BIBLE” searching for how they should structure our Constitution and it has “stood the test of time” for over 200 years. We, as a nation, are moving away from that structure and trying to take steps not allowed by that document; and, we are experiencing more and more problems. Both sides, left and right, seem to think they know better; and I believe, in my opinion, that we must get back to the “old tried and true”. Let me take just a moment to mention Ecclesiastes 10:2 which says, and I’m paraphrasing, “A wise man tends to lean to the right while a fool tends to lean to the left”. It amazes me that way back in biblical times that it was known as right and left. Again, that “COMMON SENSE” thing makes me crazy.

The “illegals” from Africa have been moved to San Antonio, Texas and the plan is to relocate them across the country with a large part going to Maine. Let me ask please, I have to have all sorts of IDs to fly; but, these “illegals” have no ID, so how the hell can they be flown to Maine or anywhere else with our citizens? If by chance they have a disease, then we are simply spreading it as fast and far as we can. Again, the “COMMON SENSE” thing. They are planning on moving some to Austin…so all you “liberal bastages” in SA/Austin get ready to have you children exposed to “Who knows what”. When and if people start “dropping like flies,” remember this is what you voted for when you elected democrats. There is an old saying of “be careful what you wish for” that can also be stated “be careful of what you vote for”.  Remember it is only “COMMON SENSE” and that “liberal bastages” were out chasing “butterflies” when that gene was being passed out.


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