My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I am always amazed by the who, how, and when people elect others to do their bidding in the government. Most voters have no idea of the life style of their representatives who for all practical purposes are making laws that affect their everyday lives. Shouldn’t you know something about them and their lives before deciding that they kinda match your lives? That is what the Constitution is all about: electing representatives from folks of like minds and ways to represent you in Congress and as President of the country. Although you may not like him and some of his ways, you certainly knew a lot about President Trump; and although “richer than 3 foot up a bull’s ass,” he is kinda like the blue collar guy in a lot of his ways and actions. Like it or not, which I do not like it all, he is one of us. Just a “REDNECK” who made it “BIGLY”. He is trying to do everything in his power to help the “middle class guy” where as most others in government seems to have their best interest at heart. Don’t think so? Then let’s look back at the OBAMA administration and just see for ourselves if he is one of us.

Sasha, Obama’s daughter just graduated from high school. She graduated from Sidwell Academy a private school in the DC area. It is a “Quaker” school for some of the most elite children in the area. I say “most elite” in that the tuition is $42,375 a year…but wait it does include a hot lunch! Transportation can be arranged between DC and Bethesda for $1600 and there are other arrangements that can be made for a price. They have pre-K thru 12th grade. Now let me ask you, especially, the “black community”, who all thought Obama was one of you, just how many of you can or could even think about that amount of fees to educate your child? I’ll bet you did not know that fact. I realize that probably “the Donald’s” son goes some where like that, but he, did not spend a million dollars hiding his past, as did Obama. No one has ever come forward–like an old girl friend from high school or college–to say they knew the fool. Believe me, if I ran, they would come out of the “wood work” with both good and bad to tell a story. Isn’t it funny how he must be ashamed of his past? And yet, no media coverage at all, the way they have “raked Trump over the coals”.

So, in conclusion, just let me say, check out who you are voting for and as the Constitution says elect your representatives from those who walk among you as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. And I for one, will consider if they have the morals/ethics close to my Christian beliefs in making my decision as to who I want to represent me. I would not ever tell you who to vote for but I can tell you that the DNC platform is for abortion on demand, queer rights, higher taxes and “bigly” government. So if you vote for them, don’t be surprised when they do not represent your values.


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