My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey folks, every time President Trump does something that is better for our country and they, “the liberal bastages” oppose these “COMMON SENSE” issues they get their “ass handed to them in a bag”. The latest is the tariffs proposed on imports from Mexico. They, the “liberal bastages”, “threw a shoe” but it seems as though President Trump got this deal pushed thru as Mexico signed an agreement to do some of what he requested to help our country with this immigration mess. It seems they will never learn to try to help him instead of trying to express their hatred for the man. He has accomplished more for this country than any President since Ronald Reagan. They continue to fight him at every turn in the road and he keeps kicking them in the teeth. Mexico is now moving “troops” to their southern border to stop the flow of South Americans thru their country to our border. They, Mexico, signed the agreement and he canceled the upcoming increases in tariffs. He again did something to help our great country.

He removed “regulations” which were choking our businesses. He has gone farther with “Little Rocket Man” than any other President. He is working on trying to keep China and Russia in line. His tax cuts have the economy on fire. The stock market is booming which helps every American with a pension plan. And for all this, he gets a snide remark from Schumer about “now that he has solved the problem of immigration we can stop hearing about it”. Just shows the depth of stupidity that Schumer and the media has about the subject. If Schumer and his pals in both the house/senate had done their jobs, we would not be in this mess in the first place. Congress has “kicked the can down the road” for 25/40 years now and the “chickens are coming home to roost”. Congress could fix the problem, but they continue to sit on their hands. It is time to vote them all out of a job including the “never Trumpers” in the republican party. They hate Trump because he is not a politician and does not play by their rules. Playing by their rules is what has brought us this problem and it will never be solved until we,the people, take back our government by sending all the dead wood back home.

The media has joined the democratic party and they are one in the same. Every time the President comes up with a new and novel idea, the media right along with the entire democratic party do nothing but scream and yell. Then after the idea works out to our country’s favor, they simply take it out of the news. Just shows how the game is played. Have you ever noticed that all the anchors of the “fake news” networks repeat the same talking points on any given subject. I do not know who passes out these talking points but they seem to have the attention of all the “fake news” anchors.

It is time and only makes “COMMON SENSE” for the American public to express their displeasure with the DNC/media and to reinvest in their country by voting. I will certainly not tell you who to vote for; but, I will go so far as to tell you if you vote for any democrat you are a “dumb ass” and you are a big part of the problem.


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