My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, I’ve touched on this subject before but because of the upcoming mid-term elections I thought I might explain it so as each and everyone is well-informed before going to vote. You may or may not be familiar with the term, “ANCHOR BABIES”.  What it is in reality is a system that is being abused along our southern border and in several large cities in California.  If a female can cross the border in any fashion either by hook or crook, land, sea or air and have her baby on US soil, then the child is an US citizen and is entitled to all the benefits thereof.

All the border towns along the southern border are more than familiar with the system as are all the residents of cities just across the border.  The lady simply crosses the border a day or so before the birth and when the child is born it is a citizen of the US.  The hospitals along the border have to assist with the birth (for which they are never compensated) whether they like it or not. And guess what? The hospital can not let the child be released without a “child car seat” so that is furnished also on the tax payer’s dime. The first stop for the new mom and child after leaving the hospital is the welfare office.  They show up with a post office box number and register for benefits.  Then the 1st of every month they simply return to collect their checks, do their shopping and return to their home in Mexico.  WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY! Or better yet, WHAT A STUPID COUNTRY!

As bad as all this sounds, when the child becomes of school age the parents simply cross the border to the US side with child in tow and a bus takes the child to a school where it is fed breakfast and lunch and then the bus returns the child to the parent at the crossing in the afternoon. This is the stupid system that all these “Liberal Bastages” have put into place over the years. They, the “liberal bastages”,use our tax base to try to enrich their voter base.  You see when this child is old enough to vote, and can do so as a citizen, who the hell do you think they are going to vote for; a “liberal bastage” for sure. After all, it only makes sense to vote for the free lunch so to speak.  They, the ones raised on the system, simply raise their children on the same system and it continues to renew itself. This and the “chain migration” along with the “lottery system” must be done away with if we are to ever get our immigration system under control.

We will have a “hell of a fight” on our hands from all the “liberal bastages”; but, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.  If you do not believe this is happening, just come on down and see for yourself, dumb ass. Plenty of border towns for you to visit and get educated.


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