My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


All you hear from the “liberal bastages” is that Trump is crazy! Yes he is, crazy like a fox! When Trump said there were people inside the government left over from the Obama administration fighting to bring him down, they said he was crazy.  Every network but “Fox News” followed the narrative that he had lost his mind.  They mocked him every single night for months about how paranoid he was to think such things.

Well, yesterday, one of the leaders of the mockery, the NY Times printed an article about an anonymous source from within the administration proving that what President Trump had been saying was correct. The source said there were people in the administration working to derail his agenda. The source is telling the public that they and their buddies are trying to mess with the agenda every way they can and will continue to do so.  Let me ask you and the source, “who the hell elected you”?  President Trump was elected by the people to do just as he is doing. He is succeeding even with all the nonsense going on to try to stop him. The NY Times is not smart enough to realize that they are proving him to be right once again.

They said he was crazy to think he could get N. Korea to the table with all his buffoonery; but, damn if it didn’t work.  Just today, “Little Rocket Man” said he would like to continue working with S. Korea and the US to disarm.  CRAZY, like a fox!

They said he was crazy to think he could get the GDP to anything above 2% but he did. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in modern times.  That unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics is the lowest in history.  Now lets see if they have the smarts to vote in the mid-terms to help keep this economy going or if they will fall back into the old “liberal bastages” trap.

I could go on and on about the positive things President Trump has done including tax breaks, regulation removal to help business which has fueled the manufacturing index to the highest level in centuries.  This in turn has fueled the hiring of blacks and browns in factories all over the country. Where do they think their jobs are coming from?  Just falling out of the sky?  It is factories hiring due to the policies put in place by the Trump administration.

Now let’s talk about what is really the “COMMON SENSE” factor in all the “liberal bastages” hollering about how crazy President Trump is and acts.  Who gives a “rats ass” about how he acts.  I sometimes don’t like that either; but, I sure like the results of his policies. I don’t have to like the roofer who comes to fix the leak in my roof; but, I sure like being dry.  So, he is a little “bat crap crazy” and I don’t care and here is why.  He has kept our country safe and prosperous and that is what really counts. Check out the market and the value of your 401K and then get back to me.  After all it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

PS–Ever hear about Isis anymore? During the Obama administration it was all we heard on the news every night. No more! Trump ran them down a “rabbit hole” in the desert.

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