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Economic Growth!!!

Well folks, I’ve been laid up for a while. I fell in early March and tore a shoulder. After that, while waiting to get if fixed, my back “blew out” and I’ve never had such pain — 24/7.  No sleep, couldn’t eat and lost about 26 to 27 pounds.  But, I finally got the shoulder surgery and now I’m waiting on the back surgery. That’s why I’ve not been posting on my blog.

Now, let’s get started on this “Economy Thing”. Just this last Friday, I think it was, the GDP numbers came out for the 2nd quarter. It was at 4.1% which is the strongest in about 12 to 13 years. Sometime my numbers are not “right on”, but they are close. All the “Liberal Bastages” heads exploded. “How could this be?” they screamed. I’ll tell you how, you simpletons, if you care to listen. This is what “Trump” was elected to do. He has American winning once again and the whole world is taking notice. And, if they, the Liberal Bastages, would get their heads out of that dark passage, they would notice he keeps kicking them in their heads while simply trying to “kick them in their asses.”  “Dark Passage should ring a bell!”

Look at all he has done, which they said would never happen. Obama said he could not bring back manufacturing, but he did. The democrats said no one could ever expect to see more than a “normal” of 2% GPD, but he did. The “Liberal Bastages” said no one could have a meeting with “Little Rocket Man” but he did. All of the “left” said he couldn’t get fair trade deals, but he did. The EU is even considering 0% tariffs on autos! And now, on that same Friday, a plane landed on US soil in Hawaii with the remains of possible war vets from the Korean War.

My Mom and Dad always said, “Can’t Never Could Do Nothing!”

When will they, the left, ever realize this man is simply “kicking your ass” while you run around with yours on fire, screaming, “Russia, Russia, Russia”. All I can say is “Get Off your ASS and Get ER Done!” He has made them all look like fools. He has exposed the “Liberal Bastages” for what they really are which is “Liars, Leaches and Sour Lemons.”

It only makes “Common Sense” to be skeptical of Trump’s ways, but although not a fan of his speech, etc. you should realize he is good for America. And to that end I say, “Mr. Trump or President Trump, go on with your bad self and thank you, SIR!”



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