My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, here we are again and it is time, or past time, for another one of my rants.  I just discovered a few facts that just might “make your blood boil”.  If not, then you are a “liberal bastage” and of course do not have “logic” as part of your chemical make up so nothing I say will make sense.  The country is headed toward a time in the future when we have more people on welfare than we have employed and that is “not a pretty picture”.  I know you have heard this before; but, we are slowly slipping into that “deep dark hole” of no return.  The following info being presented, I think not only will it enlighten you, but surprise you as well.  I know it shocked “the hell out of me”.

Now that you have had time to read thru the info, please let me know what you think.  I have not had a chance or opportunity to check each point for accuracy; but know some of the info to be true.  Check it out yourself if you have doubts, let me know of your findings. Is it any wonder that the country is in such bad shape since we put people in charge that have never worked in the private sector? Notice how many states that have slipped into the “hole” are under democratic control and have been for years. It is now more profitable to draw “welfare payments” than it is to work.  Do you really think we’ll ever be able to convince those people on the “dole” to ever consider going to work? It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for them to lay on their “ASS” and draw “welfare” than to return to the work force.  This is why the world wants to sneak into our country.  But, you say that they, the “illegals,” get no benefits.  Do you really believe that “talking point” from the liberal bastages?  Just the other day, one of the leaders from the DNC made a statement about how, because of Trump’s immigration policy, that “illegals” were afraid to draw “food stamps” because they were afraid of deportation. If you have any “COMMON SENSE” you should be able to connect the dots.

It simply amazed me that during the OBAMA years all of his staff tried to tell the corporations of America how to run their business while hardly no one in the group of “flunkies” had ever worked in private business.  No wonder none of their figures ever added up. This is where we are in today’s world and we had better change it fast.  If we miss this chance we may never recover.  Now, think about this long and hard.  How must we change and let’s get to it.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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