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Is common sense no more?


Could I please be allowed to ask the leaders of the Republican party just one question?  Why in the “HELL” do you want to stick your name on something that is impossible to fix or control?  Healthcare has nothing to do with insurance.  Insurance is, or was at one time, designed to keep you from financial ruin if you or a loved one became gravely ill.  It is the insurance that was designed to off set the high cost of the “HEALTHCARE”.  The two, insurance and healthcare, in the minds of most Americans, have become one in the same.  Americans want every little visit to the doctor to be paid for by the insurance companies and the insurance companies are more than happy to do so–but at a price. We as Americans have to self insure for the small things; thereby, reducing our premiums and not having first dollar coverage does just that. If you are young, healthy, single and do not own a damn thing and love no one, you probably do not want to purchase insurance.  It is simply to keep the hospital from taking your home or car, from you or someone you care about.   Let me explain once more what has happened to premiums for “insurance” during my lifetime.

When my wife and I got married in 1975 we had, until about 1980, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy with a $50.00 deductible and it cost us about $50.00 a month.  I think $48.00 dollars a month to be exact.  Then sometime around 1980 your wonderfully smart government representatives decided they knew better than the insurance professionals and they passed the Insurance Act of 1980, I think it was called or something similar.  Before that there was just me, the patient, my doctor, and the insurance company.  Can I hear you say, “THE FREE MARKET”.  What that act said simply was that if an “uninsured patient” went to the doctor/hospital then the hospital could/would bill the insurance company, my insurance company, for that “uninsured patient” charges on the backside of my bill when I went to the hospital. In other words, my insurance company had to cover the “deadbeat’s” stay in the hospital by overcharging my bill which the insurance company by law had to absorb.  Can anyone out there in the blogosphere figure out, or even venture a guess, as to what the insurance company started doing to recoup the extra charges?  For all you “liberal bastages” out there who have your brains were you sit and have no idea of that which I speak, let me explain.  They simply turned around the charges by increasing my and all other clients “insurance premiums”.  What a scam!!!  That is when this insurance thing became a nightmare.  It has only become more pronounced of late because of even more government involvement.

Mr. President, please listen to someone who has lived this nightmare and have the republican party leave “healthcare” alone.  Let it crash as the democrats own it.  There is nothing you, or your party, can do to fix it.  Get the government out of the “insurance business” and let the professionals handle it. The insurance industry professionals will come up with a plan and if the people do not want that plan then they will design another until they get something that everyone can live with. Someone, please say, “FREE MARKET”. If I develop a leak in my roof, or if you develop a leak in your roof, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL”?  Your government representative?  I sure as hell hope not.  You’d call a roofer cause he knows how to fix the damn leak!  That is how much sense it makes to have the government involved in trying to advise you on “healthcare” and  “insurance” problems. The average congressman has never worked in the insurance business and “does not know his ass from a hole in the ground” about the business. Just to make my point about how “stupid” they are, look at the mess the democrats have caused and now look at the republicans who want to step in and stir this bucket of crap even more.  The republicans are not smart enough to realize “that the more you stir this bucket of crap, the more it is going to stink”.  Will you “dumbass republicans” please just walk away from this mess and let the “FREE MARKET” handle the fall out?  Isn’t this what you are supposed to believe in, “smaller government and the free market”?

I’m going to send this to all the republican Congresspersons; but, do not hold your breath. If they would allow, I would go to D.C. on my own dime, to try to kick some “COMMON SENSE” into their asses.  You have to kick it into their “ASSES” as it has become apparent that is where their brains are for even trying to reform this mess.  The insurance professionals are smart, the American people used to be smart, and if given the opportunity and a little leadership, they will figure out how to fix this mess.  I’m asking that each one of you send this to your congressperson regardless of party and send it to the President.  I know from a business point he is smart enough to know all this; but, he is being misled. Please forward to everyone you know as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



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