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Is common sense no more?


This nonsense that the government has thrown at the American public is worse than a flop, it is a disaster.  They have made it “illegal” to sell the client what they, the client, wants to buy.  It is “illegal” to sell it but they are covering “illegals”. Does this make any “COMMON SENSE” at all?  Wake up America, your representatives know nothing about health insurance and they are “ripping” you off.  None of your representatives have worked in the insurance industry; but yet they want to tell you what is best for you and your family. They do not even understand insurance or the purpose of insurance! I’ll bet that most of you reading this are ill-informed as to what insurances purpose is today’s world.  Please allow me to explain in the following paragraph.

If you “love” no one, do not own a home, car, or have other assets, then you do not need insurance.  The old saying applies here –which is, “they can’t get blood out of a turnip”.  The purpose of insurance is not to pay every little medical expense but rather to protect your assets from creditors. You purchase a policy that fits YOUR NEEDS not some policy that protects every person in America.  That is why it is termed, “individual insurance plan”.  Each person has a different risk factor and the risk factor denotes which type of plan you purchase. But, your representatives, in all their ignorance have decided that they know better what is best for you and have included in all plans things like “maternity”.  Even for the single males, along with “birth control” devises. This is how “stupid” they are.  And, it is “illegal” for an insurance company to offer plans which are not approved by the government.

Years ago, my wife and I had a Blue/Cross plan for health insurance which had a fifty dollar deductible and it cost us just under fifty dollars a month in premium.  I have had people think I am lying but rest assured I am not.  The reason that insurance is so expensive today is government involvement. Back in about 1980, or there about, is when the government got involved and set the parameters, and then premiums started their climb thru the roof.  It was as I recall, the “Insurance Act of 1980”.  Health insurance has “gone to hell in a hand basket” ever since.  Please listen to me and write your “Representatives” and ask them to please “BUTT OUT OF THE INSURANCE BUSINESS”.  If you do not believe a “GOBY” like me, then get off your ass and do some research. “GOBY” stands for “GRUMPY OLD BASTARD” of which I is one.  You will find that I’m right or “damn close” to right.  All they have to do is leave Obama Care alone and butt out and let the insurance companies compete on polices that people want and need to cover their risk and the premiums will come down along with deductibles.

Please pay attention, do you research and help force the government out of the insurance industry. You will be doing yourself and the country some good and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

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