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Is common sense no more?


Well, here we go again folks.  The education board in New York state is scraping a test of literacy for applicants to teach because only 46% of Hispanics, and 41% of blacks pass the test and 64% of whites pass the same test.  This means that the powers in education want unqualified teachers in the classroom.  Is there something I’m missing here?  The education board says the test is discriminatory; although, it was found “not so” by the courts.  They have decided they know better.  They have said that thru this test the teacher workforce will not match the make up of the student body. We all need to send them a mirror so “we won’t be the only ones to see how stupid they look when they make such a statement”. If they could just once see themselves, maybe, just maybe, they would realize the foolishness of their statement.  The test has been scored at a 12th grade level assessment.  Now these people can’t pass this test and still think they have the right to the job. GIVE ME BREAK!!!!!

One applicant who did not pass the test, but qualified thru a loophole, is now teaching.  She said the “test” was hard and it was made more difficult as it was given on computer instead of on paper.  Imagine that in this day and time a teacher teaching students that is not competent on a computer.  If this teacher is not competent  on a computer, how on earth did she ever graduate from college?  This statement alone shows the disarray of our higher educational system.  We have finally reached “critical mass” in the system and this experiment is not going to have a “happy ending”.  If we send in ignorant teachers to teach our youth, then “how the hell do we expect our students to be anything but ignorant”.  Ignorant students result in an ignorant “workforce.” So, remember this, the next time your are faced with “utter ignorance” in business.

In my time,  which is a long while ago, teachers taught readin’, rightin and rithmotic.  Maybe we need to go back to yesteryear.  All kidding aside maybe we ought to just use “COMMON SENSE” when it comes to the educational system.  Let’s try to get smart teachers to produce a smart workforce and see how that works out.  Please wake up and realize that we are 18th of 20 in the industrial world in education.  That will not produce a “pretty picture” in our future.  Education is the key not only for a successful life but the key to a successful nation.  Please refer back to “MY DADDY’S COMMON SENSE” and help spread the word about using “COMMON SENSE”.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

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