My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey America, have you any idea what the relationship between the WH and the media is or how deep it goes?  Everyone that I know says, “the media is in bed with the WH or the democratic party”.  Well, folks, they just do not realize how true a statement that is.  No one in their right mind could even think that “what is going on is going on”.  We have a situation happening now that is beyond belief.  The democrats and the WH are like a pack of wild animals “jumping everyone’s bones”.  The media has ingrained itself within the WH so strongly that most Americans will be surprised.  The entire system of “free press” has been “put to bed” so to speak.  The media has its tentacles in so many areas of the WH that it is amazing.  The entire system has been corrupted by nepotism.  Folks, it was never meant to be this way.  The following list will surprise you to say the least.  This nepotism, I feel, is what is causing a lot of our problems in our government today. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Now isn’t this a fine “how do you do”?  It is “who is sleeping with who,” literally; and “who is scratching who’s back”; and who is saying, “I’ll vote your way on this one if you will vote my way on that one, brother”. Folks, we the American people, are being sold out.  We are being taken for a train ride and we do not have any idea. Until now!!! If we allow this to continue then we deserve whatever it is they, the liberals, serve up.  We as conservative people have been so busy making a ” living ” that we have allowed these “liberal bastards” to move into the “people’s house” and it is going to be hard to evict them.  If we, as conservatives, do not stand up; then, the “LBs” will continue to force feed us “CHIT sandwiches” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The least the “LBs” could do is to put some “mayo” on it; but, no, they think it is “great sport” to watch us choke it down dry.  Dryer than a “popcorn fart” I might add.  It only makes good “COMMON SENSE” to stand up and help stop the madness, But, if not, all I can say to you is, “ENJOY YOUR SANDWICH” and please brush your teeth or at least take a mint.


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