My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey folks, I was checking my e-mails this morning and noticed a few things that I felt needed to be mentioned in reference to “COMMON SENSE”.

The first was the firing of the officer who removed a student from the classroom for causing a disturbance. The officer, although maybe a little aggressive, was only doing his job and what the school requested.  This makes no “Common Sense” as this now tells the “inmates” that they are in charge of the asylum.  It sends the complete opposite message of what should be sent by the school.  Punish the officer not the student? My daddy would be “rolling over in his grave” as many “old timers” would be. Just think about this for a while and let it sink in, folks.

Then I saw where the press is badgering Donald Trump for being an “ego maniac” because he has someone prepare and present him with anything written about him in the press.  They, the press, saw this as very weird.  It just shows they, the press, have no “Common Sense” and know nothing about running a big business.  It makes perfectly good “COMMON SENSE” to be informed before starting your business day. I mentioned above that I noticed these items to be discussed as I was checking my e-mails which is during the time I spend preparing for “MY” business day. Neither, Donald nor myself, want to hit the streets unprepared to handle what comes our way. Let me tell you, “ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO THE SAME THING”. It is just the right way to conduct business.  I was never aware that “THE DONALD” was following my lead, but so be it.

The third thing, but not in last place for any reason, is the fact that “fool-in-chief ” has decided to prohibit federal agencies to inquire about an applicants “criminal history”.  Folks, if you do not see the problem with this, then you are the problem.  What if they have been convicted of being a “spy”.  Wouldn’t that be something the government should know about a person they are considering for a position.  It is said that kids and for that matter adults also learn from the consequences of their mistakes; but, here the fool is allowing them to escape the consequences of their criminal past.  It just shows how out of touch this “muslim-in-chief” (he will have a big conversion the year after he gets out of office) really is.  Or, is it just another leg of the stool that he is trying to install people in our government that we would stop if we were informed ????? Really makes you wonder if this “fool” is this stupid or if it his way of fooling the American public and putting people in positions of power to help destroy this nation. Stop and ask yourself if this makes any “COMMON SENSE”.  If you decide it is OK, then I guess I am wasting my time with this blog as you are beyond help.

Remember, “COMMON SENSE” may be in short supply; but, it will never go out of style.  It is what “THE DONALD” and I use everyday in conducting business.  It has been successful for us both although a little more so for “THE DONALD”.  Always remember that I run my corporation the same as he does or as does GM; the only difference is that I use smaller numbers.


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One thought on “NOW, CHECK THIS OUT FOR “COMMON SENSE” !!!!!

  1. Elaine on said:

    Right on!


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