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Is common sense no more?


Well folks, here we go again.  You will not believe the stupidity of the Democrats and their base which this post will prove without a doubt.  This shows what I have been preaching for years now– that the Democrats brains are hardwired backwards.  They simply do not have the capacity to reason or to use logic to reach a logical solution to any problem.  It is, this liberalism, a mental disorder of grave proportions and it has grave consequences.  If you just pay attention to the news (the real news, not this watered down crap on the nightly propaganda networks), you will easily come to the conclusion that the Democrats of today have no shame and will spout off anything about anything without ever so much as a thought as to what they are saying.  And folks, these are not all uneducated people as some have degrees from top rated universities, but they lack “COMMON SENSE”.  The included piece illustrates this very point.  I am assuming the author of this “letter to the editor” has an education because they put sentences together; but after that, it really goes downhill.  Now remember, this person’s vote counts just as much as yours, or rather it cancels your vote.  It is amazing that in this day and time that our educational system is turning out people of this caliber, but here it is, read it and weep.

Blog Newspaper Article

Now that you have had time to digest this nonsense, maybe, just maybe, you can see where I’m coming from in declaring that Democrats brains are truly hardwired “BACKWARDS”.  It amazes me that they are even capable of making a living in today’s world or even being able to feed themselves.  “AH HELL”, I forgot, we are feeding most of them through the “FOOD STAMP” program.  I would tell you that the “country is going to the dogs.” But I train a lot of dogs that show more intelligence than a lot of these “Democrats”.  It becomes harder and harder to relate to people who think this President is smart because he is “dumber than a stack of rocks”.  Case in point, have you ever heard of the NSA investigation, the IRS investigation, the Benghazi investigation, the VA investigation, the POW investigation or the “FAST AND FURIOUS investigation?  Folks, people died in at least three of these and still the Democrats back this fool.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that the Democrats should be careful of what they wish for.  My hope is that we can rid the country of this “SCOURGE ON OUR LAND” called liberalism before it destroys our country.


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