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Is common sense no more?

Ripped Off Again

Have you heard the latest?  I know you probably haven’t, so I’ll give it a shot….

ITIN is the new scam for illegal aliens. They apply for the ITIN number so as to pay income and payroll tax–a great thing you say–but they then apply for dependent status for 10 – 12 kids. (Common Sense tells you that there is something “fishy” going on.) Then the IRS doesn’t check on what looks suspiscious…the managers at the IRS refuse to allow their people to check out the fraud. So, the illegal alien gets all their money back, plus extra from you and I in the form of returns. What a great country!

It makes no common sense, but here we go again.

In a nut shell, it’s a scam on the American tax payer. The IRS employees are encouraged to overlook the fraud to the tune of $4 billion in tax refunds, while paying no taxes.  You or I do that and we would be audited, fined and thrown in jail.

Again, it makes no common sense–stop the madness!

The republicans tried to stop it with HR 1956, but the Democrats resisted.

If you would like to read the whole article from which I got this info, go to  the article is “And Finally the IRS gets Audited”.  Read for yourself, use your own common sense,  and come up with your own common sense solution to this problem.


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