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Voters to be Photographed

Today, the State of Texas will be in court arguing against the U.S. Government as to whether it is constitutional for Texas, or any state, to require a photo ID to enable a person to vote. Please note that I did not limit this to illegal aliens. I would think all U.S. Citizens would be for this as a way to keep our elections honest.

I have, for years, been asked to prove who I am when voting. Requirement or not, the photo ID that I present is a valid Texas driver’s license. If it is good enough for me, then I just expect everyone else would feel the same– Common Sense!

If you do not have a driver’s license, the state will issue you a photo ID card at no charge. “This is the only thing free that the illegals have ever turned down.” They want free school lunches, social security, free health care, food stamps, etc. (the list goes on and on and on). But for some strange reason, they do not want to show an ID to vote — Maybe, just maybe, it is because if you are here illegally, you have NO right to vote.

The left, or liberal side, thinks it is horrible to make such a request, because it causes undo burden on the illegal. I guess we could photograph them for the ID at one of the places they seem to flock to for the free stuff, thus, no extra trip.

Every time an officer of the law stops me for any reason, even a minor traffic violation, the first two things he asks for are driver license (photo ID) and insurance verification. It makes no common sense for everyone else not to have to do the same.

So here we go, they the illegals holler about discrimination, so let’s treat them just like everyone else and require that they produce the same types of identification that all others in our country produce–a photo ID.

Surely, the Demos can’t complain if we treat everyone the same. But if they do,could it be that they have other motives? — since it makes so much “Common Sense“.


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One thought on “Voters to be Photographed

  1. On Tuesday, Eric Holder addressed the NAACP Convention in Houston, TX. I heard you had to have a photo ID to get in. Let me see..Don’t need one to vote, but need one to attend a convention that Holder is attending and talking down the voter ID law.


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