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Common Sense of Food Stamps….

Here’s a thought….We now have more people on food stamps than ever. For Heaven sakes, the government is advertizing to attract more participants. Please tell me that you see NO Common Sense in that effort. Common sense tells me that we should be trying to limit the program not expand it.

The number of people on food stamps has more than doubled under the Obama administration. Whether you support him or not, you certainly can’t see any common sense in these numbers. The total dollars for the program has way more than doubled; meaning, we the people are spending more to feed these participants than ever. No common sense here either.

Just think about something that I read: as I mentioned, the Welfare Department is placing ads to attract people to the program while the Parks and Wildlife Dept in Yellowstone National Park is putting up signs to say “Do Not Feed The Animals”. The reasoning behind them wanting you to not feed them is it will cause them not to be able to take care of themselves.

Common Sense tells us that if feeding the animals destroys their ability to care for themselves; then the Food Stamp program will do the same for people on it.

Oh, what a wonderful thing, My Daddy’s Common Sense!


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One thought on “Common Sense of Food Stamps….

  1. Marc Jacobi on said:

    Right On!!!


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