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Hey folks, “Where did all the WMD’s go?” is a fair question that was answered several days ago on the news channels. They said that ISIS had captured a city in northern Iraq where an ammo depot was and it had “old containers of mustard gas along with several other gases” stored there. Well, isn’t that a fine “how do you do”, the press finally admitting that there were WMD’s in Iraq. All this time, they have told the public that there were no WMD’s in Iraq; and now, they are concerned with them being in the hands of ISIS. “COMMON SENSE” says that we sold WMD’s to Iraq which were used on Iran; remnants are still there that ISIS has now captured; so, someone must have not been looking very hard. It simply shows how dishonest the media really is, by not calling these WMD’s, or else they are stupid. Take your choice. Also, I heard Bob Beckel on the “FIVE”, just today, bring up the fact about there being no WMD’s in Iraq. So, I assume that this “dumb SOB” has not heard the news. It would not matter to him, as he along with being stupid, is also as dishonest as they come. If he could get his “fat ass” up a tree, he “would climb a tree to tell a lie, rather than stand on the ground and tell the truth”. By the way, he always acts tough on the show; so if he wants to get tough, I’ll gladly furnish him my location and I’ll pay for the freight. Hope they do not charge by the pound!!!
Now, back to this WMD’s thing. We know that Iraq had them because we sold them to them. Also,¬†Iraq used them against Iran. We can point to these facts until we are “blue in the face” and the liberals, whose brains are hard-wired backwards, will not see the “COMMON SENSE” aspect in our statements. I really do not know if they are just dishonest, or if they are just thick-headed, but the result is the same. You will never convince a liberal with facts, as they are not prone to logic or “COMMON SENSE”. Please do yourself a favor and never try to use logic with a liberal. If you do, you are just wasting your time as these people are incapable of a logical thought.
No one on any channel, including “FOX,” has caught this gaffe on WMD’s. Not one anchor on any show has “seen the light”. You would think that this would be a leading story for the news media, WMD’s found in Iraq, but you haven’t heard a word because they are continuing with the misrepresentation of the facts to the American people. Shame on all the so-called news professionals.
Now, I want to talk to you about the other “gas problem”. The price of gas on the day that Obama was elected was $1.89; and, they are now predicting it to surge to the high side of $4.00 a gallon. They say this is due to ISIS taking control of the “oil fields” in Iraq; but, that has just or is just now happening. We have not received the first shipment and here goes the price straight thru the roof. If Obama had done what was right for America six years ago, we would have a pipeline in place, or damn near in place, and we would not have to deal with these thieves. He alone has cost the American people over $2.00 a gallon for gas. This really is also due to the support of all Democrats. So, be sure to “thank them” in the elections coming in November. They can squirm all they want; but, they have had a hand in our not having a pipeline and thus higher transportation cost which runs up the cost of everything we transport. It is one of the major factors in the skyrocketing food prices. They, the Democrats, are hurting you everyday in everything you do or buy. Again, show your appreciation in November as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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