My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, we are about to celebrate once again the founding of this great experiment, we call AMERICA! It will be, or has been, about 246 years since our founding; and, we have had more than a few milestones. We had a revolution at our start which was hard; and, then we have had things such as CIVIL WAR, WORLD WARS, ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENTS AND ATTEMPTS, PANDEMICS, RIOTS AND SO MANY OTHER OBSTACLES, way too many to mention them all. It is amazing that we have survived all of these trials and here we are at the threshold of another “BIRTHDAY”! IF YOU REALLY STOP AND CONSIDER WHAT WE HAVE GONE THRU, IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE THAT WE ARE STILL HERE, AS A COUNTRY! Now, let us look back over our achievements; but, maybe we should look at where we are today and where we want to go in the future. So, hold on tight, while I give my thoughts, ideas and opinions on that subject.

We have arrived here, after all the above-mentioned trials, to a place where we might be more divided than ever before, other than maybe during the Vietnam War! That was a time of division, that to be honest, I did not think would ever heal but it did. They say, “TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS” and so it is! Search far and wide and you will find no other so dedicated to the religious right or the conservative side than myself. I have many times criticized the “LEFT” as “liberal bastages” and meant every word of it and will continue to stand behind what I’ve said and how I said it. I know that some on the “LEFT” are just as committed to their opinions as I am to mine and so it should be. They have every right to those opinions; and, as a VET that has served this great country, that is what we, as VETs, were fighting for in all the battles. We wanted for everyone to be free to practice the freedoms that our “CONSTITUTION” guaranteed each of us. It does not say as long as you agree with me “you are free”; but, even if you disagree with me, you have the right to do so although you are most likely completely wrong. It also works in the reverse and that is where most “LIBERAL BASTAGES” go wrong in thinking: that, if I disagree with their way of thinking, I’m some “EVIL BASTAGE” worthy of spending time in prison until I change my mind. Look no further than the January 6th Committee hearings and the persons in prison today for a year and a half and never have been charged with a crime. It is the “LEFT” that has locked up people for their thoughts and actions without being charged nor a trial to defend themselves. This is wrong no matter which side you are on! Remember the saying about Hillary of “LOCK HER UP”? But she was never really locked up!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is although we may never see “EYE TO EYE” on some subjects can’t we at least come to some agreement that “ALL MEN SHOULD BE TREATED EQUAL” in the eyes of the law. Let us set aside what we disagree on and look for “COMMON GROUND”! After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. I can and will try hard to look past your stupid, dumb-ass statements so that you might see the wisdom of my statements and be convinced to join me come November in voting these “LIBERAL BASTAGES” out of office. That is how the system was set up in the beginning! No riots or burning of towns just getting results at the voting booth much as conservatives did with the abortion issue although it took some 50 years. So, if you disagree with me then get off your lazy ass and try to beat me at the voting booth! We as conservatives will not burn your house down as liberal bastages like to do.

If you think I’m wrong, then you have every right to say so and you can respond to this blog. The response will be posted for all to see, and you can try your best to convince me to change my mind. After all, that is the American way and what this July 4th thing is all about. Vote, vote, vote as it only makes common sense to do so.

Now, for my opinion on guns, let me ask all you “TOWNIES” if you have ever cat napped sitting under the stars between the barn and chicken coup with a gun across your lap all night long to protect your livestock/chickens from coyotes, foxes and coon asses? If not, then do not even try to discuss guns with me! Our lifestyle is completely different from your “LBTQC plus lifestyle” and you could never understand our way of life. Just as I cannot understand why you want to live on top of each other. I will allow you to live your way, but do not expect me to understand, condone or to join in. Just as I cannot ask you to do the same with our Hill Country/BRUSH Country Texas Cowboy style of life. We are different and must live differently just to survive. I’m sure it is the same in your “Urban Jungle” also. So, live your life and we will live ours and as the old saying goes, “LIVE AND LET LIVE”! We will all be happier if we just do that and do not try to change one an other’s way of life.

Happy 4th of July and may God Bless You!

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