My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


If the democrats aren’t chasing the “TOOTH FAIRY”, then they are missing one hell of a good chance.  I just heard another democrat claim that all that is going on in Seattle and Portland is that some people are having “PEACEFUL PROTEST”. Peaceful, MY ASS, they are burning down buildings and shooting people. If that is what you call peaceful, then I want nothing to do with it. This just shows you one of two things is happening within the the democrat party: Either they are stupid and have no “COMMON SENSE”, or they are straight up liars! It could be that both of these things are true concerning the DNC and their followers.

The democrats are now saying that the “FEDS” are the ones causing this violence to escalate. Now, I have to ask you, how does this make any “COMMON SENSE” as this violence has been on going for almost 60 days and the “FEDS” just came out on the streets a couple of days ago? It is some more of that “FAKE NEWS” we have had thrown at us for much too long now. The democrats run, and have run, most all the cities where we have had the most problems with violence and with Covid 19. Say what you will, but that is a fact! Don’t believe me, then go check it out for yourself! NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Fran, St. Louis, KC, DFW, Houston, SA and of course the “ASSHOLE” of Texas, Austin. The reason Austin has turned so bad is the influx of people from California who bring their “LIBERAL BASTAGE” ways with them. They left that state because of the problems, not realizing that they and the “liberal bastages” they elected were the problem. They left that stinking state and brought the “STINK” with them to the Austin area. It has become such a “cesspool” that I no longer even go there for business and in fact drive out of my way to avoid even driving thru there.

We will soon see the same type of crap in Austin that we see in Seattle/Portland. It is a “LIBERAL SICKNESS”– their likes spread it– and it seems to only be contagious to “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. I KNOW GOOD PEOPLE THAT HAVE SOLD OUT AND MOVED TO GET AWAY FROM THE SICK “LIBERAL BASTAGES”. And if you wait too long, you will be stuck there. The more liberals you have move into an area the worst it gets. Those idiots are slowly moving out into the “hill country”; but, they are being met with resistance from people with “COMMON SENSE”.

Now, let me tell you, you are welcome to move out here; but, do not bring that warped thinking with you. Why move and then vote the same way as you did before? Why move and then try to change the new place to look and act as the old place you did not like? It defies “COMMON SENSE”. Have you ever heard the old saying, “WHEN IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO”? There is a reason these old farmers/ranchers have survived in this country for so long; and, they do not need to listen to you about how they should live. They have spent years and years with advice handed down from generation to generation as to the best way to live in this country and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. So, come if you must, but have enough “COMMON SENSE” to use your ears 10 times more than that loud obnoxious voice that most “LIBERAL BASTAGES” seem to have. It is ugly and it makes you ugly.

I know some will yell about how ugly I am being; but, “IF THE TRUTH HURTS THEN CHANGE!” “IF THE SHOE FITS THEN WEAR IT” my Mom/Dad always said! I will tell you the truth and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to listen and learn.


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