My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, that is the question of today! Crazy times doesn’t even seem to touch what is happening! Right is wrong, up is down and the left is completely nuts while the right is hiding under their desk. I might be able to explain it.  But, I will have to step on the PC mode in this country because to do so I will have to mention the BIBLE. OH MY, now I’ve gone and done it. Well, since I’ve opened this can of worms let me tell you or better yet ask you to read “REVELATIONS” in the BIBLE. IT MIGHT CLEAR UP SOMETHINGS…BUT REMEMBER, 1000 YEARS IS BUT A DAY TO THE LORD HIMSELF.

Now ask yourself, as I know, you stopped and went and read the book, “just what is happening in our country?” We are on the verge of a war which some will label a race war, but it is not. I feel it will be a “generational war” as we have allowed our youth to be educated by “MARXIST PROFESSORS” and many of the youth of today are so misguided. They have been “brain washed” to believe that SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM IS SUCH A SUPERIOR SYSTEM. This is a falsehood preached by many of the “MARXIST PROFESSORS” in our colleges and universities. They have been told they are entitled to whatever they desire and that others must pay for it. I, being an other, had to work for what I have. So, my feeling is they can get off their lazy butts and do as I and most all other Americans did.

If you look at the riots, and I call them that because that is what they are, it is all younger people and they are mad as hell. They are screaming with their faces distorted and hate in their eyes. Does anyone remember your mother remarking when you did that as a child, “HOPE YOUR FACE DOESN’T FREEZE LIKE THAT”? She was trying to tell you that you were out of line and if you didn’t quit it you were in for a “ASS WHOOPING”. And, I got my share. Mom would make me go fetch a peach tree limb (with all those little nodules), bring it to her, and drop my jeans so she set upon my quads. The reason was so that for hours every step I took the jeans would rub against the back of my legs and remind me of my bad deeds. Don’t get the wrong idea; she was a loving mom, and I thank her today for my knowing right from wrong and the “GRAVEL IN MY GUT”. That is what some of these youngsters of today need, a Mom with a peach tree and a good understanding of how the real world works.

Most of these spoiled brats have never been held responsible for anything in their life. They have never served their country or their community. If they had to serve their country, it would open their eyes to what a great country this is and if their is such a thing as “privilege” it is  the “PRIVILEGE OF BEING BORN IN AMERICA” NO MATTER THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN! They riot/loot and burn and are again not being held responsible. They roam the streets and block traffic and scream “BURN THE BITCH DOWN”! I want to say this so that they can not say they were not warned. Do not confront me or my family, or burn the flag in my presence as you will be held responsible. I do not give a “HOOT” if some judge has said it is your right–it is stepping on my rights and I will not have it.

It only makes good “COMMON SENSE” to issue a warning and even better “COMMON SENSE” to heed the warning. Stop acting like a child and grow up to respect yourself and your fellow man. Live within society’s rules, be respectful, marry the love of your life and things will come up “ROSES”.


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  1. Elaine W on said:

    We now are seeing a generation that was raised to believe in not working for a living–the rich man can take care of us (free health care, free education, housing, food, etc.) The old white-headed man no longer has ideas that work for our generation…we can run this country our way, our ideas. (they can’t even get out from under Dad and Mom’s wing). The old white-headed man was taught by a whole different set of rules that have kept this country safe and prosperous for many, many years. To think that using techniques/ideas that have failed other countries is something that this younger generation can do successfully…just shows how little education worked for them. You learn from other’s mistakes, not copy them. Oh, but I forgot, our schools are teaching a “new age” history


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