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Is common sense no more?


Hey, all we hear about the El Paso shooting is that it was President Trump who inspired the shooter. In the manifesto of the shooter, he does mention the President but states that his opinions predate the election of the President and he even list a few of his beliefs. It seems that he had a problem with the Hispanic community; but, never really gets into what he sees as the real problem. You can certainly read the manifesto as it can be found on line. (I have included a link at the bottom of this blog.) The reason I mention this and where it can be found is that the idea the “liberal media” is pushing is not totally correct. The media, so as to attack Trump, is once again putting forth only things that support their agenda. Funny, how that happens! The media would have you think that the “shooter” was a Trump supporter which is not truly the case. I will line out below a few things the “shooter” believed and you can decide for yourself which way this fool leaned.

One of the things the “shooter” believed in was “universal income”. That really does not sound like a republican talking point to me. Maybe, just maybe, instead of  Trump being his, the shooters” hero, maybe it should have been Mr. Yang. He is the one democrat candidate pushing this idea; but, you hear nothing from the media about the ties to Mr. Yang.

He states in the manifesto that he is concerned about “climate change”. Now that is not a right leaning issue. It is the democrats that are upset about this issue. Tied into the climate issue is his concern about the “pollution” of the water supply. Hum, doesn’t sound like a republican.

He has concern about both parties failing the American citizenry. Now here is one place that I can agree with him. Both parties have failed us—but the “liberal bastages” are completely off the rails. Just listen to any of the Presidential candidates in the democratic party and you will see that they have their heads on completely backwards and they are “out of step” with the American public.

The shooter does mention how the corporations are really running the county. He seems to think that it is the money in the corporations that influence the decisions made by our government officials. Can anyone tell me where you have heard this story? If you have ever listened to Warren or Sanders, they have already informed you that corporations are evil. But, without the corporations many people would be out of a job. So this is another tie to the democratic candidates for President. Both, Warren and Sanders, say corporations are the root of many of our governmental polices but yet they have both taken campaign money from them. STRANGE, “do as I say not as I do”.

He also states that the country is “rotting from the inside out”. Now here I can understand his belief. The morals and ethics of our average citizenry is and has deteriorated to a point of foolishness. Abortion on demand which is just a fancy way of covering for the murder of the most innocent. If we continue, the “liberal bastages” will demand that it is the mother’s right to kill a 2-year old because it is inconvenient to her life style. The mother will claim the baby cries to much and for “land’s sake” it poops its pants.

When you read the manifesto, you will notice that he feels the Hispanic community will contribute to the “over population” of our country thereby reducing us to poverty. He may have a point in the over population thing; but, it is not just the Hispanics but the Muslims kinda have that same plan.

Now, “COMMON SENSE” tells me that a lot of what he is concerned about including “automation” will come to the forefront in the years to come. Although he has disagreements with both parties, I feel he leans more to the left than to the right. He is mental unstable which is a left leaning problem. He thinks he can solve the problem through violence which is also a left leaning position. (Can anyone say ANTIFA?). He also wants population control which Joe Biden supports. He is not exactly a “righty”. The shooter has things about both parties that he dislikes; but, for the media to broadcast that he is a supporter of President Trump is just completely false.  Read the manifesto for yourself and you decide for yourself. He sounds like a crazy left leaning liberal bastage to me but then, that is just my opinion. At best, he hates both parties so read what he says and you decide. Try to use the “COMMON SENSE” God gave you in making your decision.

PS. He never really got into “gun control”, which I support. That means that I am in control of the gun and seldom miss. Gun control means that I hit the target.


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