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Is common sense no more?


Here we go once more. All the democrat candidates want to do away with or limit the 2nd Amendment. They seem to think that making more laws is always the answer; while, ignoring the fact that in the larger cities where the democrats have had control for 50 years or more is where the shootings are occurring. I live in rural Texas where most everyone has access to guns all the time and yet we do not have shootings. Check out the areas of Fredericksburg, Blanco, Johnson City or Burnett and compare them to cities like Chicago, Baltimore, L.A. or even Houston or San Antonio as to the shooting numbers. What you will find is that most if not all these cities have shootings everyday, while in the more rural areas shootings are almost nonexistent. One fact is that, as pointed out previously, these cities are and have had democrats in control for years. Not so much for the Texas cities; but, the democrats have had control of these inner cities in Texas but just not for as many years.

It seems to scream out the fact that electing democrats and their policies lead to shootings much more than what is happening in the small towns across America. The democrats keep wanting to try to connect “SHOOTINGS” to “GUN CONTROL” when everything we have tried in respect to “GUN CONTROL” has not worked. Maybe we ought to “turn over the rock” of democrat control. Maybe if we made it “illegal” to elect a democrat to run a large city, we may find that the shootings are reduced. HAHA! We know that will not happen; but, it is a “pretty dream”. Although we make light of the idea, there is something the democrats are doing in these cities that is producing so many shootings. We have passed “back ground checks”, even had some waiting periods and some restrictions on magazines and still the shootings continue, but mostly in democratic controlled areas. Then you can factor in that democrats also are taking away the rights of police officers to do their job. If we are to use “my daddy’s common sense,” then we must at least recognize that the shootings have something to do with democratic controlled areas. Let’s at least look at that aspect since it really is where most of the “mass shootings” are happening. Again, just trying to use “COMMON SENSE”.

Maybe we ought to look at one large city from each state where the democrats are in control and then look or compare one small town from each state where the democrats are not in control. Then, to be fair, let’s just look at large cities verses small towns no matter what party is in control. Then, again, trying to be fair let’s look at large cities where Republicans have been in control for the same 50 years verses small town under their control and let the facts fall where they might. What is that old saying, compare apples to apples? I really do not know the answer but I’d bet all I own that it will be much more dangerous to live in a democratic controlled area. I thought once that I had made a mistake; but, upon examination, I realized that I was once again right.

The shootings are a terrible thing and I really do not have an answer; but, I do not want to limit the American citizen of his rights. If we do so, it may lead to “no rights” and the people will still not be safe. It may prove that we give up the right to bear arms and the right to protect our own for safety all at the same time. Remember this if you remember nothing else from this blog: the fact that when you take the right to bear arms from the law abiding citizen, the criminal will still have access to guns.  He will just break another law because that is what criminals do. Now think about this fact before you vote in any election forthcoming. If what I have pointed out that most of the shootings are happening in democratic controlled areas, then it makes “COMMON SENSE” to remove them from office before going any farther with gun control. In fact it may prove that this alone will be the way forward to control the shootings. At least, let’s give it a try. Instead of gun control, lets have “DEMOCRAT CONTROL”. The facts seem to lead us to that conclusion. So, let’s find out if the democrats controlling the cities is the problem.


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