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Now there is a great question! Are you sure you are a democrat or even want to be one?  I really do not believe that most people today even know what the democratic “platform” is and where it is headed in the future.  Most people are so “drove up” worrying about the “knife and fork” that they have no time to follow what the politics within the party really are and what it means.  They are just too busy trying to make ends meet and to feed the hungry mouths at the table. If they had time to concentrate on the issues, they would run from, not walk away from, the democratic party.  It is for this reason that I’m going to give you a short list of what the democrats believe and what they really want for each and every person who votes for them; but also, for the entire country as well as for the world.

  1.  MURDER!  The democrats just voted down a bill making it “illegal” for a doctor to do everything he can to save a “baby birthed alive after or during an abortion”. I want you to really think about what they are saying.  It is birthed alive, independent of the mother and the doctor is supposed to let it lay on a table and die! This is murder! So, if we carry this train of thought to the ultimate end…then if the mother decides when her child 2 years old that this just isn’t going well, having this child is just a burden, then she can, along with her doctor, decide to end its life. Argue all you want folks but this is where the “liberal bastages” are headed. Oh, and by the way, have they mentioned anything about the father having a say?
  2. IMMIGRATION!  The democrats are “all of a sudden” against any laws restricting immigration including the “WALL”.  This is odd as the leaders of the democratic party all called for and voted for the “WALL” during the Obama administration. What has changed? POLITICS, that’s what. Not what is good for the country; but POLITICS and trying to make someone else look bad. Illegal immigration is bad in so many ways…but lowering of wages, effects on education, effects on our medical system and the welfare system are but a few. Not to mention the crime numbers.
  3. VOTER FRAUD! The democrats are against having to show ID’s when voting.  Why hell, you can’t live in this country without proper identification. You can’t travel by plane, can’t cash a check, can’t go to the doctor or even enter most if not all courthouses.  I have to show my ID if an officer stops me while driving and breaking a traffic law. ( which of course, I never do.) But, they say it is a burden on people to have to get an ID….I say BS!
  4. LAW ENFORCEMENT!  The democrats are calling for the abolishment of ICE.  That means no “immigration law enforcement” once the “illegals” enter the country.  Do you think this just might have the MS-13 gang members dancing in the streets?  A “SANCTUARY COUNTRY” what a great idea!
  5. THE NEW GREEN DEAL!  They, the democrats, are supporting the proposal by AOC, the idiot representative from New York, wanting to do away with air travel, cars, home heating fuels and cows.  That means, “there goes your hamburgers”. The reason–cows “fart”.  So do “illegals” that eat the “musical fruit” at every meal.  Do they not realize that if the “illegals” fart from the “frijoes” that it makes “COMMON SENSE” to keep them out of the country for the good of the climate in our country. Next will come the “FART TAX” or just another “STINKING TAX”.

Folks, please wake up before it is tooooooo late!  The democrats want to control everything in your life all the way to what you eat! Then they want the “FART TAX” because, as sure as “SHIT STINKS” if you eat you will fart.  A sure tax for sure and everyone will pay. That of course was meant as comedy but it could be closer to the truth according to the democrats.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to educate your self before you vote and truly know who and for what you are voting. This is just a partial list of things the democratic candidates for President are supporting so check your “HOLE CARD” before you give them any power. Check out what they support, I DARE YOU!

Does the following not apply to Item 1?




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2 thoughts on “ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT !!!!!

  1. Elaine on said:

    And don’t forget that the dems want to restrict US citizen’s gun rights but they want to allow illegals, non-citizens, the right to buy guns. Definitely something wrong with this!


  2. Yes, they, the democrats, are for treating the “illegals” better than the citizens—makes no “COMMON SENSE” but it is how they think—their brains are hardwired backwards—


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