My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, as anyone who knows me well will attest, I served my time in the financial industry and that does not make me an expert; but, it does mean I have somewhat of an understanding of the industry.  I am a licensed agent and have gone through numerous classes, not only in life and health, but financial stability.  I understand the relationship of time, money and interest paid better than most.  I also understand the importance of “life insurance” which is for protection of those you love.  If you have nothing and love no one, then you have no need to protect anything; so, thus you need no insurance.  Health insurance is to protect what you have for yourself; because, if you have a “real” sickness, you can lose everything you have acquired in your life. I have given you these “nuggets” of wisdom to clarify that.  So, you just might want to listen to what I have to say while all the while “taking it with a grain of salt”.

Some years back, we, as a country, hit a real rough spot in the road.  We had many “chug holes” along our financial road.  The Prime lending market for home loans went south and it affected a lot of other financial markets as well.  There were many Americans that were affected in the down turn and many people lost their homes and the equity which was tied up in that home. It also bled over into other markets, as mentioned, and many people really took a bath during that time. I was fortunate to have seen some of it coming and had everything paid off; but, most people were not so fortunate. Credit is a wonderful ally if used correctly.  It can also be a way to help increase your net worth if used correctly.  But, it can also be a “double-edged sword” and help to shred your net worth. I am trying to justify the warning I’m about to pass on to you and the information I’ve given you is to say, “I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer” but I do have some experience in this field and you might want to take heed. This is being done for “free” so you know what that’s worth. LOL!

Now, to the point of all this.  Most people do not realize that there is another “bubble” arising in the market place.  There are somewhere just over 7 million people in this country that are at least 90 days past due on their vehicle payments. Now, you may not be one of those folks; but, that does not mean you will not feel the “heat from the fire”.  Hopefully, this “bubble” will not burst like the “home mortgage industry” did and affect other markets; but, it certainly has the potential to do so. Just think of that number of people “in the rears” and the damage it might cause if the market does turn south.  We have already experienced a slow down in new car sales and that along with the “in the rears” for over 90 days may be an indicator.  I said, “maybe”.  It may not happen and everything may turn out sunny; but, all I’m saying is to be thoughtful and protect you and your family.

And, in my humble opinion, the best way to do so is to invest in silver and gold. I have done so for years and feel it has helped my financial “well-being”. There are a lot of companies to choose from and many ways to invest. You can buy what I call “paper gold”or you can buy actual hold in your hand silver and gold. I prefer to have something I can hold in my hand even if I have to make a short trip to town to do so. I have a company that I have purchased from and you can do so too.  To me this makes “COMMON SENSE” to protect you and your family. You can certainly contact me and I will be happy to share companies that I have worked with, one of them being a local Texas company.


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