My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


It has amazed me how all the government employees have never felt that immigration was an issue which should trouble them.  Now, the government shut down is staring them in the face and their pay may be withheld and “holy crap” it’s a big deal.  They have never listened to the rest of us out here in the real world.  We have tried to explain how “illegal immigration” cost us each and everyday.  The cost for the citizens is tax monies spent to medicate (healthcare for the illegal and their extended families), education, free breakfast/lunches while at school, rent subsidies, utility subsidies and free phones.  I don’t know about you, but I get none of these benefits and further more don’t want them.  That being said I damn sure don’t want to pay for these benefits for “illegals”.  The democrats will argue that the “illegals” pay into social security and never draw from it. Let me ask, how do they contribute when you must have a number?  They are using fake numbers and everyone knows it; but, if you or I tried it, they would “put us under the jail not just in it”. This one point shows how we have lost our way as a country.

Now, let me explain to the government workers how the system works.  We all know and are aware that both parties do not want to fix or change the system.  Both parties have had all three branches of government under their control and have not moved to fix the problem. Both parties should pay a price, but it never comes to that.  Paul Ryan, speaker of the house, has set on his dead ass and done nothing to even try to help on the situation. He is as worthless as “tits on a boar hog”.  The parties are responsible for not fixing the problem; but, where does the problem really arise?  The truth is it is the “illegals” which will stand between you and your pay check. That is the root of the problem plain and simple.  The “illegals” have caused problems in our country for years but it has gotten large enough to start to affect the government employee’s pocket books. This may be the only way to ever get to the root of the problem and hopefully a fix. Who is it that is threatening a “shut down”.  It is President Trump making the threat all the while trying to support the American citizens while the democrats are standing strong against the citizens while backing and standing up for the “illegals”.  Let me paint this picture once more. President Trump standing up for America while the democrats are siding with the “illegals”.  So all you fools out there in liberal areas, such as Austin who have been voting for these “liberal bastages”, need to “check your hold card”.

It truly amazes me how many people in our world have no “COMMON SENSE”.  A lot of the problem is there are a lot of “Yankees and people from the likes of Californication” moving into our state because of the good times we have experienced.  They left these areas because their locales were being destroyed by democrats and when they get here they try their best to change our system.  “Leave well enough alone or get the hell out”. You came here because you liked what you saw and then you get here and want to return to what you had.  “COMMON SENSE” tells me you are a “dumb ass”. Thank you so very much.




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