My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, here we go yet once again!  Election problems in Florida again.  And in the same counties once again.  This election official, Brenda Snipes, has been found guilty on two other occasions of violating the election laws; but, has yet to be put in jail. That’s exactly where she belongs, “in JAIL”.  They are finding sacks of ballots everyday with no real story of when, where, or how come. If, when a republican loses a race, and all of a sudden 4/5 big bags of ballots were found in my “ranch cart” 2 to 3 days after the election, would they be considered? I don’t think so. But, that is how democrats think.  They have no shame and will tell any story no matter how foolish it sounds. Just to prove my point, some of these latest ballots, they say, were discovered at a school by a teacher in an area where voting had occurred. I could not tell such “a big one” like that not even about how big my fish was that I caught. Again, they know they are lying and they know we know they are lying but they have no shame, ethics or morals. Hence, my favorite nickname for democrats, “liberal bastages”.

In Broward county which has 1,167,982 registered voters they so far have 1,284,780 ballots submitted. Folks, something stinks here. That is 110% participation. That is 116K and some change, votes over registered voters.  Bet there are not very many republican ballots in all those extras! You can bet your “stinker” you’d be hard pressed to find many votes for the opposing party.

I wish I could have been “a fly on the wall in the DNC the night Trump won the election. I bet someone got an “ass chewing” deluxe.  I can just hear the head of DNC hollering at the “peons” about how it happened. He/she yelled, “we told you to do whatever it took to elect her” and they replied, “we tried, but we just did not cheat enough”. They thought they had it done; so. they laid down their sword to early. Like I said, “no morals” in anything they do in life. I always want to know about political affiliation with people I do business with as I have to spend more time “riding herd” on them as they will always try to cheat the system. That my friends is just a fact. Knowing that fact, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to watch them closely.

It amazes me that the “liberal bastages” were worried about President Trump not accepting the outcome of the election. And, as it turned out, it is they who will not accept the results.  I want to leave you with this “food for thought”; no matter what a democrat is hollering about the other side doing—it is always them doing it. The example of not accepting the election results, wanting immigration reform (they turned down a DACA deal), voter suppression (remember the black panthers and auto weapons at polling places) and last but not least gun control for the country while they have body guards which are armed to protect themselves. Again, no morals or ethics and they are always doing the thing they yell about the loudest.  Just wait and see what the new House has in-store for you and your family; but they, the House, will not be under the same laws. Just check out their benefits package, of which one is that their children do not have to pay back student loans. “COMMON SENSE” says that is just wrong.


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