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Is common sense no more?


Alright folks, here it comes. This is going to be the “COMMON SENSE” of “COMMON SENSE”.  Like the title says, “Let’s just try this”, and let’s just try this for 30 days.  There are “TEN” rules that were passed down on tablets years ago that you should live your life by just as they require.  Maybe require is to harsh a word; but, for the sake of argument, let’s just use it or you can interject your own word.  These “TEN” are not a request but rather rules on how you should lead your life, day in and day out.  Stop for just a moment and think about how simple life would be if everyone simply lived by the “TEN”.  No stealing, no murder, in fact no crime at all and when something did happen which harmed another, the person at fault would just make it right.  We would love and respect one another and be proud that we could. We would do the right thing without someone applying force to make us comply.  There would be no need for police, judges or courts as there would be no crime or “law suits”.  We would “honor and obey” those which the “TEN” points out.  Really, the “TEN” are not that hard to follow.  We make life much harder than it has to be by not following the pattern set forth for us.

I know a lot of folks who must try to do the wrong things in life.  There is such turmoil in their life and they just “can’t see the forest for all the trees”.  The world seems to be upside down right now.  What, in the “old days”, was right and just is now all wrong and it seems as though we have raised a generation that really “does not know right from wrong”.  We as a society have failed.  We failed to teach them the correct way to live their lives and are now reaping the consequences of those teachings.  We failed to teach them the rewards of our labor and furnishing a warm and loving home in which they can mature.  We failed to teach them of honesty and are reaping the results in dishonest people and dealings.  We failed to teach them of honor and respect and see it everyday where they not only do not respect one another; but, they have no respect for themselves.  We have failed and now want to blame them because of their actions in the world; but, they are ignorant of “life’s lessons” because we failed to teach them the correct way to live.  Think about this and be honest with yourself.  Did you, or are you, furnishing a warm and safe home, have you spoken to them about how to live their life with “honor and respect”?  Have you led them toward the “light” or have you cast them out into a stormy sea toward the darkness?  It is never too late to start, so start today.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Now, here is the part where I would usually furnish you a list of the “TEN”; but, not today.  I remembered what I was taught as a young man.  My parents always said, “I could tell you and you would forget it. But, if I make you look it up, you will remember it for life”.  So, if you do not know the “TEN”, then go look them up. Then you will remember them for life.  I can and will tell you where to begin your search.  It is called “THE GOOD BOOK”, “THE BOOK OF LIFE” or “THE BIBLE”.  Once you find the “TEN”, be sure you pass on the information to your kids and loved ones.  And because you have already started by doing this research, I invite you to read the “BIBLE” as you will benefit from the study and the reading.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was shamed into reading it by a couple of young ladies and it has been a blessing.

Somewhere in there it speaks to how you should serve your employer as you would serve the “LORD”.  So take heed the next time you think about slacking on the job.  You made a deal with the boss when you accepted the job to give him “an hour’s work for an hour’s pay”.  As the old saying goes, “JUST DO IT”.  Any less is stealing; and after you do your research, you will understand and drop me a comment here on this blog.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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