My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?

HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, now there is a slogan that every person in the country can use.  If and when I decide to commit a crime and the law shows up, I think I will use it.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll not use it after all because it might insult the officer.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll not commit any crimes and I will not have to worry about it at all.  Now, if I, who am not a rocket scientist, can come up with such a thought, surely all these young black men, thugs/gangstas, presented as “choir boys” should be able to figure this out also.  These fools have never, nor have their parent, notice it is singular, ever figured it out.  This is explained slightly more by the photo to follow.

When or how are we to ever explain the concept of getting married before having children, getting educated, getting spiritually nourished, getting a job and working hard and in general, “keeping your nose clean” and how it benefits all people?   Sure sounds nerdy when compared to the gangsta rap which most of the black community kneel to and worship.  The new generation of “blacks” are very liberal and it has not served them well.  The “black” community of years past knew the value of the “work ethic”, spiritual guidance and FAMILY values.  This generation of “young blacks” have been corrupted by the liberal movement and by the drug culture.  They have not realized that the “DNC” is the new “slave master” and they are just puppets being manipulated by the masters.  They have not taken full advantage of emancipation; but, simply traded or moved from one plantation to another.  Their ancestors worked the “cotton plantations” to just get by and this generation has or is working the “welfare system” to just survive.  Check this out now, watch this really close, I am going to give you “thugs” the secret to survive well and prosper. “READ THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS PARAGRAPH OVER AND OVER AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED TIMES OR UNTIL IT TRULY SINKS INTO YOUR THICK HEAD”!!!!!!!!!!! I may be over simplifying or asking to much of them because most will think “paragraph” is the way old “blacks” listened to “gangsta rap” in the “old days”. (CLUE, not phonograph) Here I go again using those big “college words”. I know this is harsh, but everyone loves a little comedy. This just all makes “COMMON SENSE”.

Now, to prove my point about education and “COMMON SENSE”, hopefully, the following photo will open your eyes.  It demonstrates the “blacks” starting point in this whole discussion.  If we are that far apart or we have to start our “sales pitch” there, we will never find “COMMON SENSE GROUND” so to speak.  If this does not explain it all without me defining it for you, then the problem is much worse than I thought.  If you do not comprehend the picture or the thought that went into the sign, then please rush to find someone with “COMMON SENSE” to explain it to you.  Please do not call or e-mail me to help you because if you do not understand this photo then you are “way too much of a dumb ass for me to even try to explain it to you”.  Thanks, but “no thanks”!!!!!

photo (1)


P.S.  Not all “blacks” are to be painted with this brush.  Many such as Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allan West, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell or Condoleezza Rice are all great Americans.  All should be thought of as “HEROS” in the black community.



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