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Is common sense no more?


Well, here we are almost to the end of enrollment of this SCAM called Obamacare or the ACA which ever you prefer.  This last week the President was on the T.V. saying that since we have 4.2 million signed up it is a success.  Let me ask everyone, “do you remember the goal of the ACA?”  Unless I’m mistaken, we have spent some 6 trillion dollars to have the uninsured covered.  That was the goal of the ACA when this all started.  I remember how they, the democrats, were horrified for the 40 million uninsured.  Now, they, the democrats, are calling it a success as they say we have 4.2 million signed up.  If we took their numbers as “gospel”, how the hell do you call 4.2 sign ups successful when you had a goal of 40 million?  This is a joke or better yet a crime against the good hard-working Americans.

I’ll bet you whatever amount any of you wish to lose, that the number of sign-ups is going to end up around 3 million if they are lucky.  Now let’s look at how many had insurance before the ACA, then lost coverage because of the ACA…that number was 5.9 million.  If you subtract that from either number, theirs or mine you are still in a negative position.  We spent all this time, money and effort to come to a point where we now have more uninsured people than we had before we started.  Is this what they, the democrats, are calling a success? If so, they, the democrats, have no “COMMON SENSE”; but, I have been putting forth that opinion for years.  If ever they have shown any better example of this, I truly do not know when it might have been.  If this does not cause you concern for any vote for a democrat you might have cast, then you are just as “brain dead” as the ones you have voted for and deserve “everything you get”.  If this, the ACA, has not convinced you that the democrat’s brains are “hardwired” backwards then let us consider what was put forth by one of the true scholars of the democratic party this last week.  You may have not heard of this because the corrupt media is hiding the quote from the public.  The Congress person was Sheila Jackson Lee and she was talking about how America had stuck together, or something, for some 400 years.  We could dismiss this as a misstatement if not for her other statement about the “astronauts walking on Mars”.  This lady, term used loosely, is an embarrassment to not only the democrats but to all Americans.  It is truly a wonder that she has not died of “hoof  ‘n mouth” decease.

The mid-term elections are just around the corner and will be upon us before we know it; so, I’m going to ask but for one favor from my blog audience and that is to do your homework before casting your vote.  Take a little time to investigate the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues.  Remember the things that I have shown you such as: the democrats tried to take “GOD” out of their platform so if you are a “Christian” you have no reason to vote with any democrat, and that they, the democrats, have no “COMMON SENSE”, just another reason not to vote for any democrat.  If you do continue to vote for these immoral, buffoon liberals, then you really do deserve the obscene treatment you will receive.  After all, if you are one of them, go ahead and join them although it shows that you have no “COMMON SENSE” and are just following as they lead you to slaughter.  You have been warned several times before and during this post, at least twice, so choose your “poison” carefully as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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