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The Republicans and American History!!

A lot of people are bad mouthing the Republicans as “Rich White Guys”. Do these people not realize that the Dem’s who have run the country were also “Rich White Guys”?

It has been and still is a true statement that the country has been run by “Rich White Guys” from both parties up until approximately 20 to 25 years ago. That’s when we started to elect women and minorities to run this country. (I know this will not be a popular outlook, but please bear with me). The women use too much emotion in decisions; and the minorities have too much of a “poor is me” bias. And, they all make decisions on what is best for them instead of what is best for the country.  Now, that is not to say that all women and minorities are not qualified, because they are, but the numbers are far less than in the “Rich White Guys”.  I happen to be married to one of those women who can set aside the emotions and look  solely at the facts as to what will be the best avenue of approach in difficult situations. As well, there are minorities that I know have the qualities to make excellent decisions. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Susana Martinez, and Herman Cain to name but a few. What do they all have in common other than their minority status? That is right, they are all conservatives.

So, is it that we have to many “Rich White Guys” or is it that we have too few conservatives?

Of all those “Rich White guys” that ran the country for some 200 years, some were Democrats and they too did a good job. If that is true, then where have we strayed from the great leadership of the past, Republican and Democrats alike?

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the Democratic Party is far from the party of yesteryear. John Kennedy would never have had anything to do with the party of today. (The ad of a 97-year-old Democratic person using the vile language she used. Notice I did not use lady, as there was nothing lady-like about her.)

I have to ask you to look around the world to the countries that are run successfully by minorities. There are very few if any. They just simply can’t (not qualified) or won’t (due to corruption) get the countries on the right track “forward”.

There in lies our problem. We have allowed a minority person, this Obama fellow, to try his darndest to run this country and he has just been re-elected by 1/2 of the country, who are misguided at best, to accomplish a job he is not truly capable of accomplishing.

So “Common Sense” tells me that if for 200 years, this very successful country was run by “Rich White Guys”; and we recently, in historical data, just switched to something else; and the country is rapidly going to hell in a hand basket….Maybe, just maybe, we need to go back to what worked for 200 years.

PS. Just how many of the Occupy Wall Street people would you vote for President. Well, if you voted for Obama, you just did.  Think about that!!!


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