My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Ok folks, that is the question! I really do not know for sure but “COMMON SENSE” tells me it may not be a pretty ride. Just think how far we have gone in the wrong direction in the 9 months since “BEIJING BIDEN” was installed into the office of President! I know a lot of you people who let this happen are now wishing you had spoken up at the time all this foolishness was taking place. I never hear, or see on the net, anyone bragging about what a great job this fool and his administration might be doing. What has happened to all you haters that were shouting from the roof tops about what a moderate “JOE THE HOE” was? Now, you see for yourself that he and his whole family are simply crooks accepting money from the highest bidder.

Let me ask you to respond to any of the failures below:

The border crisis, the removal from Afghanistan, the Covid crisis, the crime surge in all major cities, the China money train he and Hunter are riding, gas prices at a record high, and the DOJ/AG going after parents at school board meetings. Let’s just take the last one as it is the most recent “sickness” that this administration has come up with. They really want to put these parents on a “domestic terrorist’s list” for trying to find out what the system is teaching their children. This is a horrible example to set; but, Terry McAuliffe said it best when he said as governor he would not allow parents to have a say in how their kids were educated. That is where the democratic party stands. It is a simple question, “IS THIS WHERE YOU STAND?” on the issue. If not, then you better “get off your dead dog ass” and vote differently and make a stand. This issue will affect your country and your freedoms for years to come if you lay back and do nothing. It will change America forever. Please stand up and resist this nonsense. If you do not, then it makes “COMMON SENSE” that you will get what you deserve and you are a large part of the problem.

Take a good look at the list of things above and decide where you stand and vote accordingly. The border is a mess and all because the democrats wanted to stop the building of the wall. The removal of our troops from Afghanistan was as bad as it could get. More people have died from the virus this year than last year is what I hear on the news. I cant really speak to the crime in the cities, personally, as I never go into any major city; but, the news media certainly tries to hide the numbers. According to AAA the average gas price a year ago was $2.18 and today is $3.26. And as to Joe and his family riding the “CHINA MONEY TRAIN,” the media tries to hide that also but they have failed. China money is a deciding factor in every decision that “BEIJING BIDEN” makes. He has sold the American people out to China.

Now, if you have read this and watched what this administration has done and still feel compelled to support this “CLOWN SHOW”, then you are an idiot or you are somehow on the take yourself. You might be the driver of the “CLOWN CAR”! Lots of free stuff out there and many have let that influence their “COMMON SENSE ‘n BETTER JUDGEMENT”!


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