My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Mr. President:

I really hate to be disrespectful; but, Mr. President, you have really “SCREWED THE POOCH” since you were elected. The latest screw up is this withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Do you really think that the Taliban will take kindly to your asking for favors? This just shows you have no command of “COMMON SENSE”. They are chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA” and you are asking them for favors. It must not be just that the Chinese and Ukrainians are paying you and your son; but, the cartels are also paying you and giving you free drugs. No one that is not high on something would even think of asking our enemies for favors.

You and your administration seem to be good at turning good policies into failure in short order. As example, you took a “wait in Mexico” policy into come on in policy. You complain everyday about the number of Covid cases rising; but, continue to allow “illegals” to cross the border untested and ship them to all parts of the country. Let me ask you, “DOES THIS MAKE ANY COMMON SENSE” to you? You continue to complain about people not getting vaccinated or not wearing mask and yet you are transporting “illegals” into all of our major cities with no restrictions. Again, let me ask, “DOES THIS MAKE ANY COMMON SENSE”? Let me answer that for you as it seems you have no common sense. With all due respect, it does not! I simply, along with a lot of American citizens, can see no common sense in MOST, IF NOT ALL, OF YOUR POLICIES AND WE HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD THIS GREAT COUNTRY!

Everyday, there is another statement or video concerning your family and their involvement in some money making deal or videos of your son with Russian hookers. It is becoming a big deal! And, just ask yourself, “what would the corrupt media had done if this video was of Don Jr?” You are one of the most corrupt families in America and you have no shame. How you can even show your face is something I do not understand. I know you have strange urges yourself from all the videos of you and your touching of women so the “apple did not fall far from the tree.”

You are now asking OPEC to increase production of barrels per day to help decrease the price of oil to give relief at the pump. What thought process did you have when you canceled the pipeline and stopped oil production on government land? Did it not run through your head that it would increase the price of gas at the pump? If not, then that is making my point about you not having any common sense. You took over a country that was energy independent and have taken it to the point of begging OPEC for more production. Now, that really takes a lot of smarts! Either you are doing this out of stupidity or because someone is lining your pockets. Why not just tell the citizens of this country the truth as we can handle the truth.

You have not done one thing to help out the average citizen since being elected. You have the mess in Afghanistan, the oil deal, the immigration problem and the inflation running wild. You have hurt family after family and you seem to not care. I have tried with many hours of thought to come up with why you are doing everything wrong: but, so far, I have found no answers except for the lining of your pockets. If I am wrong, then I will apologize; but, only when you prove me so. I will be open to any and all your ideas if you happen to stumble upon any. Remember this is a blog about “COMMON SENSE” and for the life of me I can see no “COMMON SENSE” in any of your policies.


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