My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, I have held off writing on this blog for sometime now to give “DUMB and DUMBER” A GOOD CHANCE TO SHOW WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF” but I think we now have our answer. I can just imagine how proud all you people are that voted for this pair of idiots. We tried to warn you but as always you would not listen. These two are so bad that I do not know if this title really covers the extent of their stupidity. Welcome to “Weirdo World” with these fools leading the parade.

Now be honest, did you ever think you would see such a fool trying to lead this country. Did you ever think you would see a President try to take credit for something another President got accomplished. Last night “President BEIJING BIDEN” did not give credit where credit was due. He implied that it he is the fool that got the vaccines developed. He did this while everyone knows that President Trump was the one that got it accomplished and it would not have happened if not for him.

Let’s look at what “DUMB and DUMBER have accomplished since taking office. They have managed to cancel thousands of high paying pipe line jobs. They have managed to push the price of gasoline to almost $5.00 a gallon in some areas. I’m lucky, as I live where it is only approaching $3.00 per gallon. Of course, DUMB and DUMBER DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE PRICE INCREASE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING YOU BUY HIGHER AND NEITHER DO YOU. (You are part of the “DUMB and DUMBER KLAN”, the DDK). Hope that makes you really proud. Also your daughters are now subject to men/boys being in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. What a great world we live in! And now, these fools are going to try to implement “GUN CONTROL”. They do not realize that I already practice “GUN CONTROL” as I hit what I’m shooting at. That is all the “GUN CONTROL” that this country needs. Do you realize that the Democratic party just voted to make “illegals” exempt from the new laws they want to install. Once again the democrats favor the rights of the “illegals” over the rights of American citizens. Shameful! BTW, that leads us to the “OPEN BORDERS” policy that these fools have installed. These fools are actually allowing “illegals” to be turned loose within the country even as they have tested positive for “COVID”. They are allowing them to board buses to all parts of our country. Some headed to your neighborhood soon. Be sure to watch at the bus station for their arrival and give them a “BIG OLD WET SMOOCHIE”. These fools allowing this to happen are the same ones that tell you to not even see your grandkids. And not to mention, they cheated to get into office and everyone knows it. DUMB and DUMBER have cheated all their lives so it is normal for them.

Now I ask you, does any of this make any “COMMON SENSE” and if your answer is yes then we have found the problem. IT IS YOU, DUMBASS! If you feel as I do you had better be prepared as this is only the start of dumb things which “DUMB and DUMBER have planned for you.


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