My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Boy has this last year been a doozie! Sorry, if you do not know what a doozie is! My PC does not know what it is either, so don’t feel bad. But, 2021 is not starting off any better. Maybe, just maybe, it is not the year; but, the idiocy of the DNC or maybe Nancy Piglosi! We have the DNC/Google/Facebook and whoever else limiting “FREE SPEECH” and trying to shut down Parler. We will soon, if these idiots have their way, have no “FREE SPEECH” remaining in America. It is “HITLERISM” AND IT IS COMING FAST!

ANYONE THAT BELIEVES THEY WILL NOT BE COMING FOR YOU IN THE NEAR FUTURE IS MISTAKEN! They want to have complete control of everything you think and say. Now, remind me if you will, isn’t that what Hitler wanted along with simply promoting the blue eyed and blonde over the Jews? It was ridiculous then and it is the same today; but, here the DNC and their allies come. They are on the march and it may be hard to stop the wave; but, just as back then, they will be defeated. Their ideology is much to radical for America and I feel even the dumb people who helped the “STEAL” WILL COME TO REGRET IT!

The protest on Capital Hill last week was by people who were and are not true supporters of the MAGA movement. I, myself, would like to every once and awhile, do some “ASS WHOOPING”; but, like most all MAGA supporters, I do not believe in that strategy. That is what the democrats do year after year; and, although successful at times, I believe it fails them in the long term. It has not yet been proven; but, I believe that many of the people causing the problem last week were from the other side. You only need to look at the fashion of their dress and you will realize that they dress a lot like the RIOTERS in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere this last summer. If I’m wrong, then prove me wrong! At best, if those “RIOTERS” in DC thought they were a part of the MAGA movement, then they were wrong. The MAGA movement stands for smaller/smarter government, less taxes, free speech, and most of all “LAW AND ORDER and JUSTICE FOR ALL”. These are things the DNC/BLM/ANTIFA do not promote. Pelosi/Schumer preach about doing what’s right for American citizens all the while without helping them out by passing the Covid relief package. Neither of them would recognize what is best for Americans if it snuck up behind them and “bit them in the ass”. I say, “if it snuck up on them”; because, if they saw something good for Americans and business, they would run from it.

Now, I know some will disagree with me and that is alright for this is America and we should have that right; although, the democrats are quickly trying to remove it. Now let me ask you, those who do disagree with me just how many of you think it is OK for me to disagree with you? Be honest and let me know. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for that right to run both directions; and if you think differently, then you are part of the problem and this blog is aimed right at you. Remember, it is only a short ride to communism and when that hits, you will loss your rights along side of me. All the congressmen/women trying to take us down this “one world order route” do not realize that if the democrats are successful they will have no need for them. The congressmen/women will not be needed and they will be turned out to pasture. “PASTURE WITH NO GRASS”. Hope you get the picture!


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