My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Now, let me tell you that I take no pleasure in this discussion; but, it is a discussion that needs to be had! Doctor Biden had better keep her eyes open as this Kamala Harris has no qualms about moving in to break up a marriage to her benefit. That is how she got her start. Don’t believe it? Well, just ask old Willie Brown’s discarded wife. You need to go way back to when Kamala was a complete no body instead of what she is today. Today she is trying to make believe old Willie never existed. She destroyed his marriage and simply moved on after he was of no more use to her career. Remember, “A TIGER NEVER CHANGES IT’S STRIPES”. If it takes destroying someone’s life to make her career, she will have no problem doing so. She lied back then, and she cheated back then, and will do so again when it benefits her. Always remember this old saying based in “COMMON SENSE”: “A LIAR WILL CHEAT YOU AND A CHEAT WILL LIE TO YOU”! You can “BET THE FARM ON IT”.

She lied so much during the primary campaign that even she couldn’t keep them all straight. That is part of the reason she had to drop out as she was only at about 3.4% of the vote. She dropped out very early as she was disliked among the democratic primary voters. Some people, like President Trump will exaggerate the truth, as he does, but she has always lied about her past. She has proven she is a women with loose morals and the democrats want her in the Whitehouse? Now before you jump on me about talking this way about a woman, please be reminded that the females have wanted to be treated as fairly as the men. Well, that is what I’m doing! All three of the candidates running for President, “JOE the HOE, BEIJING BIDEN AND PRESIDENT TRUMP” have been questioned about sexual matters so it is only fair and just to treat her the same way.  Maybe we should rename Biden as “JOE AND THE HOE”. Isn’t feminism such a great thing? She has always been for it; but, it is just starting to “BITE HER IN THE ASS”. AND WHAT AN “ASS” it is! If she was told to “HAUL ASS”, she would need more than a half ton truck!

And for all you democrats that own guns, remember she has stated, as has “JOE THE HOE”, that she wants to confiscate your weapons. They have this dream which I have had many democrats say…they do not want to take my guns. But, just listen to what they voice. The democrats used to try to hide the fact; but, now say openly that they are coming for your guns. I have had arguments at the ranch with people with who have missed it; but, I bet those people have another story today unless they too, just lie. The DNC and all democrats want total control and they have realized it is nothing but a “pipe dream” if the citizens remain armed. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” if we are armed they can not be in total control. Remember, the difference in socialism and communism is the way they take control. Socialism is by policies while communism is by force or at the point of their guns not yours.

I know I have very little chance of changing many minds; but, I want you to really think before you vote and use that old stuff we call “COMMON SENSE” before you vote. If everyone does use “COMMON SENSE”, then the DNC will be a thing of the past and may I say, “YEA”. It simply comes down to I hope they get what they, the crooks of the DNC, really deserve.


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