My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


For years now, I have tried to point out how stupid “LIBERAL BASTAGES” really are but this latest move show their true amount of intelligence better than all my words. It was bad enough when the “idiots” wanted to change the names of teams like the Cleveland Indians baseball team or the Washington Redskins NFL team but now they have taken a step to far. They have decided to change the name/label of Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. That was also bad enough but they now want to change the name/label of the “Eskimo Pie” ice cream bar.

Let me ask you, if you owned these companies and had struggled to achieve brand recognition for almost 100 years, why would you ever give in to such asinine request? Without the bottle and label, the Aunt Jemima just becomes another package on the flour isle or another syrup on that isle.  It really makes no “COMMON SENSE” to change what your customer has become accustomed to and immediately reaching for the label of your product.

It simply will have a bad effect on your product numbers. Your customer might even assume you have gone out of business which with such a stupid move you most probably will have to close your doors. Many like me will not buy your brand ever again as you have shown you have no spine and will give into more stupid demands in the future.

As mention above, if the Aunt Jemima thing wasn’t bad enough…here comes the “Eskimo Pie” thing. Let me assure you that a sure way to a “GOOD OLE ASS WHUPPING” is to come between a fat boy and his pancakes and Eskimo pies. It is un-American to mess with these brand name products. This is all due to pressure from groups like BLM/Antifa. Let’s change the name of these groups to reflect their real backers which is the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” of the democrat party. It seems that if you want to donate to these groups you are taken to the site of ACT/Blue which is an arm of the fund raising site for the democrat party. Oh my, the democrats are deceiving the public once again.

As pointed out above, we need to look at this from a “COMMON SENSE” approach which is to never buy their products again. But, I’m not here to boycott or to support boycotts; so, you will have to make up your own mind. After all, it makes good “COMMON SENSE” for you to think for yourself and decide for yourself what direction you will take.


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