My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, here I sit and ponder that question in the title! I feel that certain groups of people just do not have the gene or at best only have a smell of and not a full taste of “COMMON SENSE”. Bet if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you might have a clue as to the group to which I am referring! If you have been reading and you can’t figure it out, then you are part of that group. It’s OK! If you continue to read my blog, even if your are of that group, maybe some of this thing we call “COMMON SENSE” will rub off and you will be better off for it.

I bring this up because last night on Fox, Shannon Bream and her guest, were trying to figure out why northern Italy has been hit so hard by the “CHINK FLU”. They pointed out that the “Made In Italy” brand was really important in the fashion world of today and that most of the factories producing fashion items in the plants of northern Italy were owned and operated by Chinese businessmen and that there were thousands traveling back and forth all the time. You don’t say! It flew right over their heads that maybe, just maybe, all the travel between the two regions might have something to due with the spread of the virus. Common sense, just maybe? Now, do not take this as criticism of Shannon Bream because I think she is very smart and she is a “pretty good looking old hide” to boot. It just goes back to what I have always said, “you can be book smart and still be dumber than a rock”. Shannon is not one of those; but, she missed it on this one. She needs to spend some time on the ranch with Mom and I and she will get a better grasp on this “COMMON SENSE” thing. That might not be a good thing in that she might witness some of the dumb things I do and say and she would tell the world.

You have the Italy thing and then there is the New York, LA, San Fran, Washington State and to some extent the Houston thing. Bet you can’t guess or have a clue as to what they all have in common. TRAVEL, TRAVEL and more TRAVEL from where? China that’s where. Before President Trump put the ban in place, these were areas or “hot spots”, if you will, for people from China to fly into. Now, before all you people scream that I’m a racist, let me inform you that I’m not a racist. Not even close! I’m a full blown “bigot” so drop all this racist crap and give me the credit I’m do. Hope you all know I’m kidding; but, you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” can have a field day with that one.

The point here is that the travel is causing the problem and if it were a virus from, say, Poland the results would be the same if all these places had travel from there. I’m glad it wasn’t Poland because it might have had an effect on all the Polish jokes. BTW, did you hear the one about the 2 polish guys and the polish barmaid—Oh well, maybe we should stop here. You can go ask your Polish friend about that one. If I were to tell that one, the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” head’s would explode.

All we are trying to point out is that this is all about words and it doesn’t matter. The term of “You dumb SOB” can be a term of endearment or it can be “fighting words”. Same words but different meaning. It is all about how it is used. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to limit travel from “hot spots” and to always use the terms such as “dumb ass and dumb SOB in a loving way or tone. Now all you “dumb ass liberal bastages” have a great day as this “old SOB” is gone…gone fishing that is!  BYE, BYE!

BTW—I am practicing social distancing. The grandkids and I have given up two-shooters! For you who don’t know what that is, it is when the grandkids greet me with both hands doing the make-believe-gun thing and say shoot-shoot followed by a kiss on each cheek.  I guess we can still shoot-shoot!


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