My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, we all thought the democrats had lost their minds when AOC was elected and sponsored the “GREEN NEW DEAL”. Well, she is at it again and is co-sponsoring a new bill in congress called the “NEW WAY FORWARD” and has 44 democrats as sponsors. Rep. Omar and AOC are leading the charge. Like the Constitution, it is designed to help change this country all together. Also, it is some 4,400 words in length which is close to the length of the Constitution. It is designed and worded so as to remake our entire immigration system. It is much more radical than even the “GREEN NEW DEAL”. This is “BAT CHIT” crazy stuff; but, what else do we really expect from the democrats. The first thing it states is that “Convictions should not lead to deportation”. In other words, if an “ILLEGAL” is convicted of a crime that crime can not serve as evidence at their deportation hearing. This bill so states that crimes of robbery, car theft, fraud and child sexual abuse shall not be grounds to deport. In fact, there will be no crimes that automatically call for deportation. Do you remember when all this “ILLEGAL” crap started and you were told where they were headed? Well, we are at the “WELL HEAD” and we do not have to tell you as you can read it for yourself. Go look up the bill under the “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT” and see it with your own “LYING EYES”!

Now, if of late, you have renewed your drivers license as I have, so as comply with the law, you must feel like a fool for complying. It makes us, the US citizen, a criminal if we do not comply; but, it is OK for an “ILLEGAL” to do as they please. And BTW, you are paying to support the “deadbeat bastages”. According to the bill to criminalize “ILLEGAL ENTRY INTO AMERICA” makes you a “WHITE SUPREMACIST”. Isn’t that just great for the democrats to decide who and what you are?

The new bill will give sweeping new powers to the immigration judges to nullify any deportation orders. Do you think this will help America? If so, you be sure to vote for the “BAT CHIT” crazy democrats in the next election.

I hope you are sitting down as I tell you the final step in this bill. From 2002 to 2018 there were 480,000 “ILLEGALS” deported; and, under this bill, the “GOVERNMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THEM ALL A PLANE TICKET TO RETURN TO AMERICA TO JOIN THEIR FAMILIES”! In case you do not know who the government is, IT IS YOU AND I! If you believe in all this kinda crap then by all means vote democrats into office; BUT, if you feel as I do that they are “BAT CHIT” crazy “liberal bastages”, then it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to vote every democrat out of office. From street sweeper to the White House, the democrats need to be shown the door with a “CONSERVATIVE’s” foot on their ass showing them the way out!


P.S.  If you want to check it out just look it up under “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT”. That is how I found it so you can do the same. These are just a few parts of the bill I mentioned. ENJOY, finding out what the democrats think of you and your hard work supporting your families.


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