My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


It is like the “liberal bastages” don’t understand that the American public is listening and are way smarter than the party leaders think. They are NEVER consistent in their views or policies. They make contradictory statements all the time. I’d like to point out that this is not limited to the left, as politicians on the right do the same thing. Let’s look, if you will, at the democrat’s policy on life itself. The democrats will “get all up in your business” if you mention abortion and how it is the murdering of the innocent. They believe only the “mother” can make that decision. They want to make the world believe that it is the “mother’s” right to murder the baby if she so decides.  They claim it is part of her body although they now believe that the baby can be disposed of even after it is delivered and survives the abortion process. How in the world do you decide it is anything but murder?

Now let’s take a look at the death penalty. The democrats protest it at every turn in the road. They say it is “inhumane” to destroy the life of a hardened criminal; but, they are just fine with destroying the life of an innocent baby. Now, I have to ask you, “do you see any inconsistency here?” The democrats will protest the taking of the life of a murderer; but, seem to think it is alright to murder an innocent child.

Now, before you come jumping all over me about this, the republicans are somewhat inconsistent on the same issues. They believe in the innocence of the “new born” or “fetus” but most on the right do support the “death penalty”. I myself somewhat support the death penalty; although, I, as a Christian,  have wrestled with the question and the inconsistency. I have ask the question and will again here, does the Bible ever condone the taking of life. To the best of my knowledge it never really confronts the issue; but, if you read between the lines, there were thousands killed in wars in Biblical times. If you apply “COMMON SENSE” to this issue then you might arrive as I have that what is not condoned in the Bible is murder. I have to say that the taking of innocent life is murder while the enforcement of the laws and that the taking of the life of a hardened criminal is different. Now, I expect to get a lot of comments so let ‘um flow as that is what this blog is all about. I’m trying to make you think for yourself and get off your duff and do your research. You never have to agree with me as I’m just not a “liberal bastage” trying to shut you up if you do disagree. You have as much right to your opinion as I do to mine; although, if you disagree with me, you are probably “WRONG”. BUT, BUT, BUT in this country you have the right to be “WRONG”. It only protects the process of “freedom of speech and thought and that is a good thing.


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