My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, the democrats rolled, or packaged, all their “marbles into one bag” or “put all their eggs in one basket” and it did not work out like they thought.  The democrats said, at least a thousand times, just wait for the Mueller report and you will all see the truth about President Trump. Robert Mueller was the “God send” that would prove them, the democrats, completely right. He, Mueller, was just one step behind the “Almighty Himself” according to the democrats. Well, that ship has sailed! What happened to all the truth which was sure to be exposed. It was exposed!  NO COLLUSION! Now that the truth has been exposed, Mueller needs to be brought before the House to explain what happened. I can tell you what happened. He found no evidence of any chargeable collusion and the democrats “heads are exploding”. This was their “savior” and now he is a complete “idiot” according to those who were kneeling at his feet before the report destroyed their world. He, Mueller, has gone from a “hero to a zero” in days. The democrats can’t believe he had the gall to exonerate President Trump. He and now Attorney General Barr have shattered the democrats world. Now, they must be destroyed like they have tried to destroy President Trump. These two men have gone from the “savior” of the democrats to just two “sluts” of the political world. It makes no “COMMON SENSE” but we all know the democrats were hiding behind the door when that gene was being handed out.

The democrats have now decided they must take a new line of attack as the other line was erased by Mueller.  Their new “number one enemy” is Barr and he must be destroyed at all cost. He was just approved a few months ago; but, that was when the democrats thought they might be able to influence him to work with them. Now, they want to walk him out in hand cuffs. They want the complete “unredacted” report or they will hold him in contempt of Congress. The only problem is that he would have to break the law to do so. This law just so happens to be one that the democrats voted for as did their chairman “Rolly Polly” Nadler. The report contains grand jury testimony which can not, by that law, be distributed. They know this to be true so it leads one to the “COMMON SENSE” conclusion that it is all a political stunt. They, the democrats have no ethics/morals so they have no shame. They are running scared because all this collusion crap is about to “bite them right in their ass”. A lot of people are going to be proven guilty of spying on the Trump campaign and they know it will help elect Trump for a second term.

Just watch the news and you will see every democrat repeat the same “talking points” one after another. It might be “bombshell” today and every democrat politician and anchor will repeat it over and over. Tomorrow, the word or words will be “explosive proof” and they all follow in cadence. It is funny to see them all exposed for who and what they are. And, remember if you vote for them,it is because you have no “COMMON SENSE” either.

It will be a wild ride all the way into and thru the 2020 election so watch for the key words of all the democrats, laugh your ass off, and then go vote them out of office if you so desire. Remember, if you vote for the democrats, then you are voting for higher taxes, lower wages, open borders and the killing of the most innocent. If that’s really what you believe, then all I can say is “GOD help you as you are a lost soul and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that you need help.


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