My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, these “kids” first wanted to control “guns” and now they want to control “free speech”.  The calling of boycotts because you disagree is a form of limiting “free speech”.  I and millions of others disagreed with what these “kids” said and did; but, we did not call for boycotts of the stations which put them on air. It continues to amaze me that the media, of all professions, does not see the “folly” in their actions. Does no one realize that the only reason we have the 1st amendment is because of the 2nd amendment? It just makes “COMMON SENSE”. These “kids” have no life lessons and need to get educated about the process before trying to advise the “adults in the room”.

They are now calling for advertisers to boycott the Ingraham Angle to try to shut her up.  She has every right to say what she thinks; and, if they do not like it, then that is their problem.  Just shows what they were not taught in school. We did not call for boycotts of stations which put them on air.  They have the same right to “free speech” as everyone else although I disagree with their ideas. How ’bout we try to shut them up and see what response we get.  They, the “kids” and the media would be screaming for their right to “free speech”.  Well, dumbass, you can’t make this a one way street and neither can I. That is why I stand by and listen to the “liberal bastage’s” BS.  If I want my right, then I have to understand that I must afford them the same right and protect it at all cost.  Without “free speech,” we cease to be a free nation and the only thing protecting our “free speech” is the 2nd amendment.  Redundant, redundant, I know as it was mentioned above; but, so important, that it requires repeating. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to beat this into some hard heads.

I saw on some show the other day a group of “kids” saying, “if only we could see with our eyes what they saw”.  I can understand that a little; but, let me ask you and them a question, “I saw a horrible auto crash last week—blood and guts everywhere. So, because I saw that am I now an expert on auto safety and everyone should listen to me on what safety laws should be passed? I also saw, with my own eyes, a dog chasing a car.  Now, does that make me believe he could drive the “damn thing” if he catches it?  And furthermore, are you going to listen to me about if he catches it we must give him a driver’s license? This just shows the stupidity of the entire debate. I have a right to free speech and use it here.  I also have a right to own a gun and will exercise that right if you come on my hill to try and confiscate it.  In fact the “kids” have me thinking maybe we ought to buy more weapons although we have plenty; but, again, it is my “right”.

Now, if you see it differently, that’s OK. But if you disagree with me, maybe you should check your “hole” card as you are most likely wrong.  And I promise I will not force you to own a gun. See how simple this is. You stay in your house and run your business and I’ll do the same.  The only time I will confront you is when you come to my house and try to interfere in my way of life.  So simple it’s stupid to do any other way. And besides, it makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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