My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Boy, isn’t that title true. Seems just like a few days ago I was a young buck.  “How time flies when you’re having fun!” seems to come to mind. It seems as though time has just flown by; and, it flies faster and faster the older I get.  This blog is meant to make all, young and old alike, to take notice that this life goes by in a “blink of an eye”.  I know it will make people think of me as an “Old Man” and that is OK, as “I are one”.

I think I’m in the last “quarter” of this game called life. Boy, did I get here fast! Who stole my youth? Just taking a shower has become an accomplishment. Taking a NAP is no longer a treat as it has become mandatory.  If not, I just fall asleep where I sit.  I sleep better in my recliner with the TV blaring than I do in bed.

Do I have regrets, why I surely do.  I regret doing some things and regret some things left undone. I think anyone of the “older” persuasion has from time to time had the same thoughts. If “only” thoughts are a natural way to think. If you stop and think about it, it is really just a waste of time and energy. There is nothing we can do to change the past so let’s look to the future.

They tell me “OLD” is good as in “ANTIQUES”.  Kind of like old music and old movies. When you get to my age you know if you are not already great at something you probably never will be. It takes years of practice to become great at anything and when you are my age you just run out of time. That does not mean to just quit, but rather to be realistic much as I have with my music. When you get to be my age, you know you will never be a great musician, but you still have the drive. So please bear with me in my quest for relevancy in my lyrics and music. After all, I can no longer “go long” for the game-winning touchdown or carry the “PIGSKIN” over the goal line; but, I can somewhat still “carry a tune”.

My latest attempt in music is a new CD about the “BLUES”.  It is somewhat my interpretation of “12 bar blues”.  I have always been a fan of the blues even though I grew up on “country and gospel”. I can never really explain “how much my music means to me”.  I have never been a great singer; but, I really enjoy people hearing my “LYRICS”. I have always been a fan as far back as the 70s and 80s and spent time in South St. Louis listening to old time blues music. I have followed the likes of “Muddy Waters” and “Little Walter” for years.  They migrated from down south in the delta country  to Chicago where they joined the likes of “Howlin’ Wolf” and Etta James. They were all with Chess Records and helped form the “Chicago Blues Scene”.

Hopefully, you will buy my latest Two-CD set, of which a portion of each CD price will be donated to “Help A Hero”, a veterans group helping veteran’s kids.  The following info will lead you through the process. The CD set is $20.00 and that includes “FREE SHIPPING”. And remember my friend that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

My PayPal account is as follows. Besure to leave your name and address when ordering.


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