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Is common sense no more?


Well folks, they, the “CLINTON CRIMINAL MACHINE” has been at it again.  They trotted out this fellow Khizr Kahn to discredit Donald Trump and the media fell for it “hook, line and sinker”.  I am assuming that you have heard all the coverage and may have an opinion formed from the information the media has given you.  If you feel sorry for the Kahn family for the loss of their son that is a good thing but if you think he, Khirz Kahn should be able to inject himself in politics and not be vetted then you are simply wrong.  Mr. Trump has every right to defend his reputation and his opinions when attacked.  The question of the “Gold Star Families” ends when you jump into the middle of an election and attack either of the candidates.  (Wonder why the media did not jump to defend Pat Smith when Hillary called her a liar along with the dad of Tyrone Wood. Are these not “Gold Families” also or is it only democrat families that are “golden”.  HUMMMMMM !!!!!) All these families have thrown themselves into politics so a vetting of them all is OK with me.  For the sake of argument here I’m going to focus on Khirz Kahn and his beliefs and his affiliations which I feel are suspect at best.

Mr. Kahn, as it turns out is a big believer in “sharia law” and actually believes it is or takes president over the “constitution” he displayed in his speech.  He is also a member of the “muslim brotherhood” which is a “hate group”.  All this is disclosed in a simple “internet search” for all the media to see if they so desired.  I guess I’m the only one who desires so I’ll furnish the information and you can look it up so maybe you won’t forget it.  He has been involved in helping immigrants come to this country for years and some of the terms are their are no “background checks” but loads of monies are changing hands. I bet if some news organization were to do a little digging we might find he is “crooked as a dogs hind leg”.  I’m guessing he will turn out to be a thief and always remember what “MY DADDYS COMMON SENSE” TELLS US, “A THIEF WILL LIE TO YOU AND A LIAR WILL STEAL FROM YOU”.  Just a side note for clarification sake this description fits “HILLARY” to a “T”.  These two may be like “two peas in a pod”.  The addresses below will get you started but search for yourself. Learn to question for yourself and you will never again be any one’s fool.

It really makes “COMMON SENSE” to educate yourself.  Just a note Huma Abedin, chief personal staff, for Hilliary is connected to the “muslim brotherhood” thru her father who is a member.  Like I’ve said before these democrats are all like a pack of wild dogs humping each others legs.

The addresses are:


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