My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Cassius Clay/Mohammad Ali or what ever name he went by was just what the title implies.  He was a “COWARD” and a “HATER” of white people and it is a known fact.  He was a member of the “nation of islam” and a devotee to the elisha mohammad  who was also a “hater of white people”.  If you do not believe it just look it up.  It is widely known, as is his speeches, where he calls the white man, “white devils”.   And this is the man that CC/MA followed and surrender his life to ?  No wonder that he was such a miserable person.  CC/MA was not an objector he was a “COWARD” with a capital “C”.  He wanted all the benefits this country had to offer but did not want to serve “HER” in any way.  He hated white people but found out that he really needed the white man to make it in this world.

CC/MA made millions for fighting in the ring and never turned his nose up to the money he made from the “white man” paying to watch him fight.  And by the way, neither did “elisha mohammad” ever turn down any of the money he bleed from CC/MA.  CC/MA surrendered a fortune to worthless “elisha” thru out his lifetime.  CC/MA could have helped his family much more if he hadn’t given his fortune to this criminal organization.  It is a known fact that “elisha” had “malcome x” murdered so if you do not call that criminal then you are as worthless and stupid as the “nation of islam”.  It was then and still is most likely as crooked as ever. I have never figured out the fascination for this organization other than it fills some type of void for the “blacks” that hate “white folk”.  They are a bunch of racists and the whole organization is filled with haters.  I think it is now run by some fool named “louis farrikan” who is just another hater of “white folk”.  Sorry, if I misspelled his name or any of the others as it just shows how much respect I have for any of these people that it was to much trouble to look up the true spelling of their names.

I would like to point out that these people and this organization has for years told of their hatred of whites and the “media” does not and will not label them as “racists”.  This is also seen with the likes of “al sharpton and jesse jackson” two other worthless racists.  They are all crooks and they steal from the very people they profess to help but anytime you follow blindly that is what happens and the “black” community is too stupid or too lazy to think for themselves and send these “charlatans” packing.  It would only make “COMMON SENSE” for the “black community to think for themselves and stop listening to their lies.

Now, I know, a lot of folks will call me a racists because of my belittling of some “blacks” but it is just not true.  I am not a racists but I do not “give a damn if they call me one”.  Their problem not mine.  Just to prove my point I have a white neighbor that lives down the road that is as big a “POS” as any mentioned in the above.  So, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that I’m not a racists as I treat all the same and my disdain is reserved for stupid people without “COMMON SENSE”.  If that happens to describe you then I’m “kinda sorry” but really I don’t give a rat’s ass.


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