My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, the one more time concerns me trying to explain immigration to you thru “COMMON SENSE”.  I know that for a lot of people here in the “GOOD OLE USA” because they do not have it that sometimes my simple “COMMON SENSE” stuff just flies right over their heads.  But, it is so simple that I just have to try once again so here goes.

All we have to do is 3 things to start to resolve this immigration problem.  Number 1, close the border and stop the bleeding.  Once you do stop the bleeding, so to speak, then you can move and maybe start number 2/3 at the same time but you have to solve the broken border.  Number 2, stop and I mean stop the “anchor baby” thing—it was never meant to be used the way it is being used.  It was to make citizens of children born here to families that were brought here during slavery.  Along with this stop all “freebies” for non-citizens.  Number 3, fine anyone hiring those here “illegally” 10k a head for each one found being in their employ.  Now before a lot of you “liberal bastards” scream at me about human rights let me inform you that I too am concerned about “human rights” but were I draw the line is I am concerned about the “human rights” of AMERICANS first.  After we get our own house in order then and only then, when we have extra funds, will we worry about the others.

Number 1 will slowly reduce the “inflow” giving us a chance to make changes to the system, such as 2/3 to help resolve the problem.  If you do not stop the “inflow,” we might never get a handle on this ever-growing problem.  If we have less people to fill the jobs, it means wages will rise and Americans will have more jobs from which to choose.  This effect will also be noticed when we start to solve numbers 2 and 3.

Number 2 will do away with a huge part of our welfare dollars.  An “anchor baby” can be on the welfare rolls its entire live.  By stopping this one program, you remove a large draw for women to come here to have their babies.  Along the border, they come to a hospital here and then return to just across the border into Mexico but they get a mail box number for the welfare check for the baby.  The first of each month they simply cross the bridge get the check from the mail box, do their shopping and return home to Mexico with the products.  WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY!!!!!  Each and every morning of the week the children cross the bridge, board a school bus to deliver them to school for free education along with “FREE” breakfast and lunch.  WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY!!!!!  This nonsense has got to stop.  If we remove the “freebies” from the system, it will act as a deterrent but also lead to “self deportation”.  With less people to do the jobs, the wages will automatically rise thus doing away with the issue of “minimum wage”.  Now follow me here as it is a little tricky.  The liberals have removed the obstacles to allow “illegal immigration” which drove down wages and then screamed how evil the “conservatives” are for wanting lower wages when it was their policies that caused the problem in the first place.  WHAT AN UNDERHANDED DEAL!!!!!

Number 3 is to fine employers who hire “illegals”, as mentioned, 10k ahead.  It will then be cheaper for them to hire Americans and pay a better wage.  As little as 15 years ago, I remember a guy here that employed “illegals” to build fences and he had to have them lay down in the backseat when moving from job to job to keep the border agents from stopping him and sending the “illegals” back and issuing him a fine.  But now the “illegals” have their own truck and driver’s license.  We, as a country, simply must stop the madness.

None of this is to try to harm “illegals” but to simply help our country and its citizens.  It just makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

P.S.   If you own anything the powers to be will tell you to purchase “silver and gold” to protect what you have.  But, I have found a much better “precious metal” to hedge your bet and to protect your possessions.  WAIT FOR IT!!!!!  It is lead as in “AMMO”. Laugh if you will, but it will become very important and it will be of great value.  Now that makes “COMMON SENSE”.



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