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Is common sense no more?

If You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine….

I am amazed at the Democrats that say Gov. Romney is hiding something in his tax returns. Let me take a look at this from a “Common Sense” angle.

Did the IRS have a problem with the Governors returns? I haven’t heard anything even approaching a slight mistake. If the IRS looked, and you know they have, but found no problem; then, it is no one else’s business. Even if the IRS found problems, does that disqualify him from running? Not in the eyes of Democrats…remember “Tax Cheat” Geithner now Treasury Secretary.

Believe, you me, no one at that level does their own tax returns. Do you believe, in an instant, that Michelle and Barrack sit around the kitchen table in the White House figuring out their deductions? If so, then I need to quit this “Common Sense” stuff, ’cause you are completely lacking even a trace!

Secondly, Obama has never released his transcripts or thesis from college. They have spent several million on lawyers and such to hide all that from the public. What are they hiding?? Also, Obama has asserted “Executive Privilege” on the Fast and Furious documents. What are they hiding???

Lastly, Governor Romney should assert “Executive Privilege” and express how he is more of an executive than Obama ever was, or will be, and it is his privilege to withhold the returns. It is only Common Sense that if one has to release information, the other has to release information.

Oh, isn’t Common Sense great!!


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