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Media Bias is Bad, Media Exclusion is Horrible

There is no doubt that media bias exists as some 80 percent of the mainstream journalists vote democratic. Common Sense says that you probably won’t get a balanced approach to a story, if “you can get a story at all.”  Thus, media exclusion, the fact that the old guard of NBC, ABC and CBS will not cover a story if it sheds a hard bright light on the subject, thus, making the Dem’s look bad.

Recently, CBS President, Les Moonves, was quizzed about his attending a Democratic Fund Raiser. He said  “Ultimately, journalism has changed … partisanship is very much a part of journalism now.”  It is, but it really shouldn’t be. Just give me the facts and I will decide for myself…common sense!

A reporter, Sharyl Attkinson, recently reported on what Congress held meetings/hearings on “Fast and Furious”. She did such a great job that she received an award from a conservative group and guess what, CBS would not allow her to accept the award. Now again, that alone is enough to tell you that Common Sense says CBS is nothing but a shell of a journalist outfit.

Please, if you are getting your info from NBC, ABC or CBS, do yourself a favor and stop wasting your time because they will keep you misinformed if informed at all. You will truly remain in the dark if you continue to use them as your news source. Walk out of the dark towards the light of Fox News, etc. and become an enlightened voter. It only makes “Common Sense” to do so.


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