My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I know you want to know what the question is! Well, there are more than one; but, let’s just start with the border crisis. What do you think the media would have been saying if President Trump was having this kind of a crisis at the border? The numbers are completely out of control. Even the President of Guatemala lays the blame on these two “DUNCES” we have in the Whitehouse. These two and most, if not all, of the people in charge of the different departments have no “COMMON SENSE”. They avoid “COMMON SENSE” the way they want you and I to avoid the Covid. They are still wearing the mask; but, it does not cover up their stupidity. Again, ask yourself, “what would the media be saying if President Trump were still in office?”

Now, let’s look at another issue. The jobs market. Yes, there are lots of help wanted signs; but, no one to fill those jobs. Again, ask yourself, “What do you think the media would be screaming if “Mr. T” was still in office?”, which by the way he should be. “JOE AND HIS HOE” do not have a clue that you can’t pay people to stay at home when you need them to fill the jobs. Let me ask you, “Does this make any “COMMON SENSE?” IF YOU THINK IT DOES, THEN YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM AND YOU ARE AS “DUMB WITTED” AS THOSE TWO. Hopefully, if you are reading this blog, you were smart to begin with or you have absorbed some “COMMON SENSE” along the way.

And then, we come to the subject of “gun control” which is important, very important to me, as I always want to be in control and hit anything I’m shooting at, don’t you know. That is all the control I need for my guns. I just got a new AR-15 in along with a new scope package from (you can get a 10% discount there with code DWR1), mounted it, sited it and laid it on my dining room table about a week ago and the damn thing is still there. It hasn’t moved, walked off or shot anyone; so, I guess they did something special to this unit. Must be some new-fangled invention stuck in there to monitor or to control it’s actions. Again, the old ugly monster called “COMMON SENSE” just raised it’s head once more. It will not move until I, me, mom or some human comes along and decides it has been there toooooo long!

BTW, have you heard about the idiot “PSYCHO” speaking at a medical forum at , I think it was Yale, to students who will be going into the world in the near future. this is not a direct quote as I do not have that in front of me. But, the jest of the matter was, THAT SHE DREAMS ABOUT LOADING A REVOLVER AND SHOOTING “WHITE PEOPLE” IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS. SHE STATES THAT WHITE PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS, ARE NOW, AND WILL FOREVER BE THE PROBLEM. Now, we haven’t heard a word out of the media; but, just ask yourself if YOU or I or Mr. T was still in office and did not completely renounce this, what would the blow back be? It would be on every program about how racist we are. Well folks, let me inform you it is just as racist coming from her mouth and the fact that Yale has choosen to hide the fact shows that Yale themselves are racist.

I will issue a challenge to all you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” OUT THERE IN LALA LAND including “JOE AND THE HOE” to justify this kind of nonsense. You can certainly respond here or on Facebook which should be busy preparing a cell in Facebook jail for this lady as they have for me and so many others. BTW her name is Aruba Khilanani so let’s make her famous for her stupidity.

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